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200 people dancing on CST! A complete story on it...

Dated : November, 30, 2011 BY Aakash Barvalia

Mumbai flash mob

The day was 26th of November, when 3yrs before the city of dreams, Mumbai was on terror attack. The youth of Mumbai along with many inspiring citizens turned the CST station, one of the places where the terror attack happened, into a dance floor and danced till the last word of the Bollywoood track 'Rang De Basanti', which was directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and starring Aamir Khan in it.

Shonan KothariIt is said that each Mumbai local travels from the city's historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at least once. And that is why on Sunday, 27th of November, the railway station was the location for 200 local Mumbaikars to carry out something unusual and exceptional. And the entire credit goes to the CSR worker Shonan Kothari, who got the 200 people together and danced in the midst of the jam-packed station, on the 3 years and a day after the Nov 26 attacks which occurred at the same location.

A YouTube video of the flash-mob has been watched almost more than 150,000 times now and is still going on like a virus on social networking sites. Actor Abhishek Bachchan and director Rohan Sippy were amongst first stars from the Hindi film industry who tweeted the video link on their twitter account. Abhishek tweeted, "NOW THIS IS COOL!!! Next time I wanna join too".

Mumbai flash mob

Mumbai flash mob Mumbai flash mob

23 year old girl, Shonan Kothari, said that she actually didn't thought for this to be a mark of respect for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, as nothing regarding this had a plan sort of before. They just wished for to have some fun, that's it, she added.

Kothari began working on the thought a month before and got to knew that she must have to work speedily to catch more and more local citizens on the project. When asked why 200 people? She simply said that this was only a big sufficient number in her head at that moment.

Further she said that she e-mailed 20 of her best buddies and requested them to engage 20 persons each, on the clause they would be mum on the subject of this. She actually didn't wish for it to be publicized it on social media or on an open stage or something, for the reason that that would mess up the surprise factor.

Kothari as well declined to receive finance from someone, and decided to pay out completely from her owns pocket. She said that she did have people who desired to pay money for it but she didn't desire to make this for profit or business-related at all, and it was just and merely in relation to having fun.

Mumbai flash mob

A 29 year old local Mumbai resident and a professional artist Anuj Sinha, who was an eyewitness at the do and said at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) on Sunday he was there to hold a train for Bandra, when the station's announcement speaker all of a sudden began playing the title track of Aamir Khan's Rang De Basanti, which was further followed by an unprepared dance act by 200 strange people. Witnessing the whole incident, Sinha was completely amazed that he decided to miss his train.

Sinha explained further that a small set of people, who were looking like a normal travellers, all of a sudden began dancing. As the song was moving forward, more and more people started following the same and joined the group, until there were as a minimum of 200 people. He further said that he in fact too tried to participate, but the understood that it was all well-choreographed, and each one was flawlessly in synchronisation, which everything resulted in a thoroughly entertainment.

Mumbai flash mob

In 2003, New York City was the first to organise such a systematically flash-mob, which is however at present is an expected feature in a number of western nations.

Organiser of this Mumbai flash-mob, Shonan Kothari, said that she in fact always wished for to be a part of some flash-mob, after watching some videos of it on YouTube, and thus one fine day decided to make such one.

The group was separated into four batches of roughly 50 people each, and were been rehearsing it for the previous two weeks at a yoga studio to pull off the synchronization between them. Participants who danced in this mo were aged from 4 to 60.

23 year old Priya Srivastav, who was the first one to put his step forward into a dance at the station, said that they rehearsed very hard and they were the craziest four minutes of her life.

Mumbai flash mob

It was Mumbai's first across-the-board city-dweller flash-mob, where a set of people unexpectedly come together at a public spot, carry out some entertaining action for a short phase of time and then scatters speedily as if nothing has occurred. On the other hand, this is not Mumbai's first flash mob, as quite a few brands have already prepared such ideas in history, but this is without a doubt the first time it has got a wide-reaching awareness.

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