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Aamir Khan as Lady Sonia in Godrej teaser ad: Watch video

Dated : March, 28, 2013 BY Aakash Barvalia

A series of Aamir Khan's picture in an unusual lady avatar was running all over, and everybody was guessing what he is up to. Now check out the video and get surprised!

With a very first dialogue spoken by Aamir Khan, where he questions his friend by asking "Kamaal ka role hai yaar, Look kaisa hai mera?" in the new Godrej teaser, one would get glued throughout in this small-teaser advert.

Aamir Khan as Lady Sonia in Godrej teaser ad

In the advert, Aamir Khan plays an actor, who is dressed up like a woman as Sonia, and visits his friend house only to get his wife's reaction. Well, Aamir Khan not only wins her heart, but also his fans. Mr. Perfectionist again does justice to his role with full conviction and dedication, along with usual blend of humour.

Play it once and we bet you will certainly watch it multiple times. Aamir looks very much fascinating, extremely convincing and impressive, in his cross-dressed role here for the commercial film of Godrej.

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