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After NH Bungalow, Imran sets up Ayesha Talkies

Dated : November, 11, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Earlier it was in news that actor Imran Khan had re-christened his Pali Hill's adobe to 'NH Bunglow' in the name of his grandfather (nana) Nasir Hussain's name. Now he had set up a mini-theatre inside the house, in the name of his grandmother (nani) Ayesha Hussain's name as 'Ayesha Talkies'.

The 29-year-old actor had constructed a 20-seater theatre at his Pali Hill residence NH bungalow, which he had made up in the loving memory of his nani. The private screening room, which has been included with latest technology, has been named as 'Ayesha Talkies' after his nani's name, who is the beloved wife of late Nasir Hussain. A source close to the actor reveals that Imran had given a retro look for the mini-theatre, because his nani used to love watching old films.

After NH Bungalow Imran sets up Ayesha Talkies

Imran too emotionally confirmed that he has always been very close to his nani (Ayesha Hussain), and that she loved watching films where she usually praises everyone in the movie, the theatre has been build up in the memory of her.

Well that's pretty much sweet and cute Imran!

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