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Anil Kapoor is back with Nayak 2

Dated : September, 12, 2013 BY Pooja Nayak

The 2001 political action hit, 'Nayak - The Real Hero', starring Anil Kapoor as Shivaji Rao, is soon to recreate its social-impact wave on the masses, by returning back with a second edition this time.

Reportedly, renowned banner, Pen India Pvt Ltd is believed to be touting on an idea over making a film with a protagonist, based on Anil's character in 'Nayak - The Real Hero'. In addition, the film has been apparently titled as 'Nayak Returns' and they have already roped in Anil Kapoor to play the lead Protagonist.

Anil Kapoor is back with Nayak 2

However, the producers of Nayak 2 refused the film to be called as a sequel, prequel or any remake, and thus are not wishing to buy any rights from the original makers.

The chief, Jayantilal Gada, of Pen India Pvt Ltd confirmed the news and said, "Yes, we are making Nayak Returns with Anil Kapoor and it is not a sequel. Hence, there is no need to buy the rights from its previous makers or whosoever. We are developing a fresh subject this time and it will be an issue based film. Anil will play the protagonist in this film."

Well, we wonder what the makers are up to! If it's not a sequel then why choose to move on the similar lines with the same lead? Nevertheless, it will be good to see Anil back in Nayak Returns!

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