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Censor reduces sex scenes in Hate Story

Dated : April, 19, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Well Vivek Agnihotri's 'Hate Story', starring the bong bombshell Paoli Dam, was tagged as the most erotic movie in Bollywood, but looks like there is a bad news for all the erotic movie lovers.

Bong beauty Paoli Dam was planning to seduce the country into an orgasmic dream with her never-before bold-and-blatant sex scenes in her Bollywood debut movie 'Hate Story', but now all her efforts will apparently go in vain.

Hate Story poster

On Monday afternoon, April 16, Paoli's dare-bare act in the movie got a somewhat shock when the censor board officials had ordered the makers of the movie to tone down all the love-making scenes in the film.

Talking on the lessening of the sex content, Mr. J.P Singh, who is the Regional Officer (Mumbai) of CBFC (Censor Board Of Film Certifications), stated that all the sex scenes, approximately 6 of them, were lessen down by 50 % and the movie has been given as an 'A' certificate.

To everybody's surprise, the fiery and hard-hitting dialogues from the movie have been left unharmed, including the very famous dialogue 'I fuck with those who fuck with me'. Mr. Singh said that there were no cuttings in the dialogues and the cuttings were there only in the part of visuals.

Hate Story Hate Story

While the director Vivek Agnihotri says that he was not aware of the censorial progresses as he was quite busy getting the prints ready. On the other side, it looks like the producer Vikram Bhatt is quite pleased with the cuts given by the censor boards.

Bhatt expressed his thoughts in front of the media that the censor board officials were great, as they have cleared out all the dialogues and had simply trimmed down the excesses in the sex scenes. He further stated that he is very much happy and glad with Censor board's progressive thinking.

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