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Hansika to do kissing and sex-scenes in Delhi Belly Tamil remake

Dated : June, 15, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Looks like the girl-next-door Hansika Motwani will apparently undergo in a complete makeover from the cute girl to sexy siren. Initially it was in news that South star Arya will have passionate kissing scenes in the company of his co-actresses Hansika Motwani and Anjali in the Tamil remake of Bollywood movie 'Delhi Belly', but at present reports suggest that the handsome Tamil star will as well perform steamy sex scenes in the company of both these actresses respectively in their forthcoming movie titled as 'Settai'.

Director R Kannan lately revealed that Settai will have no exclamations like the original one, but to everybody's surprise he wishes to build up the steamy sequences between Arya and Hansika Motwani so hot and passionate enough to leave the viewers pleading for more.

Hansika and Arya

Well if one would remember that in Hindi version of Delhi Belly, Imran Khan certainly carried out intimate scenes in the company of both the actresses, Shenaz Treasurywala and Poorna Jagannathan, thus the passionate scenes are a necessity in the Tamil remake version. The director said that the sequences are quite important to set up the closeness relationship between the characters, but hopes to shoot it in an aesthetic manner.

Hansika and Arya

Reportedly director Kannan too wishes to have a UA certificate for 'Settai' in the midst of all that passionate kissing and lovemaking scenes. On the contrary, we wonder when the original film was a certified as an adult movie then the Tamil remake would obviously be no such different.

Arya and Anjali

Nevertheless, the director is currently very much excited to shoot intimate scenes between the actors in his movie, but also states that Settai will be an exceptionally different one from the Hindi version Delhi Belly. Produced by UTV Motion Pictures, the movie went on floors this May 7, but the release date is not yet been announced by the makers.

Delhi Belly Tamil remake

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