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Hot Pic: Ranbir Kapoor kissing a man!

Dated : July, 4, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Looks like, our very own Ranbir Kapoor is not only fond of kissing his co-actresses, but as well as his crew members. Recently RK was seen kissing a man in his first look trailer launch of Barfi.

Well though in the movie he has a kissing scene with his co-actress Ileana D'Cruz, reporters quizzed her on how she felt after kissing Ranbir. Ileana only blinked her eyebrows with a blush on her face, but RK in fact volunteered to showcase it for a second time. He stepped forward, but in spite of kissing Ileana's lips, he started smooching director of the movie Anurag Basu, leaving everyone to drop their jaws.

Hot Pic: Ranbir Kapoor kissing a man!

Further when Ranbir was questioned to say a couple of words regarding his role in the movie, just like his character he didn't spoken out a single word but instead carried out a mimic act to narrate how he was glad to be a part of the movie and how director Anurag Basu not simply has a 'big stomach' but as well having a 'big heart'.

Hold it, there was more fun in the stores! When Ranbir called Priyanka an adorable puppy, Priyanka took revenge and called him a Rottweiler! Well if the first look trailer is quite funny, trailer launch was entertaining, then we wonder what would be the impact while watching the movie!

Barfi is slated to release on September 14, 2012.

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