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Hot Pics: Aiysha Saagar nude photo shoot for Gold Coast

Dated : July, 20, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Pop artist, performer and dancer Aiysha Saagar carried out a daring nude photo shoot, which was conducted on Surfers Paradise Beach. The gorgeous beauty went a complete topless that actually features a voluptuous Aiysha body-painted in the company of a depiction of the Australian flag.

Aiysha Saagar

Aiysha became the eminent brand Ambassador of Australia's 'Gold Coast', and to promote it she carried out this bold photo shoot.

Meanwhile music is the driving force of Aiysha's life, from the time she began singing in her 6-year-old age. She is now all set to release her new album "Indian Girl", next to in the company of five music videos of which four have been filmed on the Gold Coast in Australia. The album is presently scheduled to release in August 2012.

Aiysha Saagar

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