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HOT PICS: From Hate Story Uncensored Trailer

Dated : March, 20, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia
The uncensored trailer of Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming movie ‘Hate Story’ has been lately released online, and is going viral all over. Check out the extremely hot pictures from the trailer, which is just too HOT to HANDLE!

Hate Story Hate Story

Meanwhile, check out the uncensored version of ‘Hate Story’ first-look trailer here, featuring none other than the bong bombshell Paoli Dam. Hate Story This Bengali actress, Paoli Dam, can be effortlessly tagged as the hottest actress in Bollywood seen in ages, as soon as her debut movie, an erotic thriller Hate Story, will be released in theatres. This woman-centric movie is a saga of revenge and Paoli enacts the character of a woman who uses sexuality as her weapon.

Hate Story

Well looks like the bold poster of the movie was not sufficient enough to attract the eyeballs, and thus the filmmakers have now launched their shocking and scandalous 3-minute-long uncensored first promo of the movie. Produced by Vikram Bhatt, the film’s first look promo without any doubt explains the viewers why the film is named as the first of its kind erotic thriller. Hate Story Paoli Dam’s bold and unashamed sexuality is not just restricted to the bedroom, as it goes faraway and further than that. The actress is made known as a call girl in the second part of the promo, where she is just scattered with steamy scenes and orgasmic screams, for in case one can have a look in these pictures.

Hate Story Hate Story

For newcomers, the bong bombshell Paoli Dam is neither new to cinema, nor any such lady to perform such type of shocking sequences. Earlier she has performed frontal nude scenes in Bengali movie Chatrak (Mushroom), which was released in 2011, where she was also seen having oral sex from her co-actor.

Hate Story Hate Story

The uncensored first promo of the movie Hate Story is dangerously and sincerely too HOT and BOLD enough to HANDLE. Although quite a few who have watched this scandalous promo are naming it as outrageous, vulgar and what not, but there are others also who have welcomed it by stating that these types of woman-oriented movies, inspired from Hollywood movies like Poison Ivy and Scorned, should be made in Bollywood. Hate Story The movie as well stars Nikhil Dwivedi and Gulshan Devaiah in key roles. Directed by Vivek Agnihotri and Written by Vikram Bhatt, Hate Story is currently scheduled to release in theatres on April 20, 2012.

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