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Hot Pics: Nisha Yadav's nude photo shoot for an awareness campaign

Dated : May, 3, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia
Model turned actress Nisha Yadav goes extreme bold for a social issue. Nisha Yadav aka Ameesha Yadav recently had carried out a nude photo shoot for an awareness campaign, such that she is rousing up the matter to get Mumbai's drains cleaned before the monsoons. Nisha's campaign photo shoot is titled as 'BASH THE TRASH & DAMN THE PLASTIC'.

Nisha Yadav Nisha Yadav

Nisha Yadav's publicist, Flynn Remedios, says that Nisha has shot a few sizzling hot pictures which are actually a part of an awareness movement by MumbaiWire. Further added that as every year the BMC authorities spend more or less Rs 10 to 15 crore before the monsoons to clean up the drains, but despite of such a huge spending, there is flooding even on the first day because of some medium to heavy rains. As many people don't have such big expenditures to form a city-wide awareness, but such a nude photo shoot campaign is certainly an attention-grabber, says Flynn Remedios.

Nisha Yadav Nisha Yadav

Nisha Yadav was last seen in the regional movie 'Corruption - The Curse', which was based on Anna Hazare's struggle against corruption. Interestingly, Nisha Yadav's upcoming Tamil movie is about to get release next month, so we wonder this controversial photo shoot might help in boosting up her career.

Nisha Yadav Nisha Yadav

Photo Courtesy: Futuristic Media Network

Nisha Yadav Nisha Yadav Nisha Yadav

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