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Hot Pics: Poonam Pandey as Playboy Bunny

Dated : August, 31, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

From posting her semi-nude to nude pictures, from raunchy videos to turning sex guru on her much favorite twitter handle, the sultry beauty Poonam Pandey has successfully created her own image and stand in front of everybody, especially in front of her fans.

After observing the recent exposure of budding starlets, it was looking like the twitter 'celebrity-hood' of the model turned Bollywood starlet was slipping out from her hands. For in case, her apparent rival Sherlyn Chopra just turned India's first Playboy 'Playmate'. However Poonam is no such girl to remain quiet and calm, and thus she lately turned into a 'desi' playmate for her beloved fans and supposedly a roaring answer to the India's first Playboy 'Playmate'.

Poonam Pandey

The sultry beauty, who seems to be pretty much displeased by Sherlyn's Playboy achievement, recently posted pictures of hers on her twitter account, fully clad in a Playboy bunny. Dressed in a sexy white towel, with giving a hint of cleavage, Poonam was seen wearing bunny ears. Further praising the 'look' are Pandey's pouty lips and a seductive expression. Well, her 'tweethearts' just couldn't have demanded for more!

Poonam Pandey

Despite the fact that Poonam just couldn't strike a meaty contract with the soft-porn magazine, but this hasn't discouraged her from turning into a playmate for her followers. Seems like this is Poonam's answer to Sherlyn's stint and the girl simply wouldn't much mind seizing the limelight from her. In the meantime, she is quite busy doing rehearsals for her debut Bollywood movie with Jism fame director Amit Saxena.

Poonam Pandey

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