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It's a shame no big actors at A K Hangal's funeral: Raza Murad

Dated : August, 27, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Despite the fact that the late veteran actor A K Hangal worked with so many big personalities in our Hindi cinema, but no such bigwigs attended his last rites. Actor Raza Murad shares his disappointment and considers this as a big shame. He was shooting for a TV show, but intentionally skipped his schedule to attend Hangal's last rites which was held at the Pawan Hans crematorium.

Raza Murad expressed his regret on A-listers absence by saying that it's not quite a disappointment, but in fact is very much shameful thing to experience it. The actor adds that he is very much shocked to witness that a person who has given out his 50 years to the industry, no big personalities had managed to take out their even 50 minutes from their schedule, which however they could have manage if they want to, to salute and respect the veteran actor for the last time, with whom they have also worked at any point in their career.

Raza Murad

Raza believes that Hangal's financial crisis should be a realization for others. He says that though Hangal saab worked for so many years in the industry, but surprisingly and unfortunately he had gone through with financial crisis and probably might have never thought about his future. With all due respect to Hangal saab, Raza thinks that this veteran actor's troubles and difficulties should be an eye-opener and a good example to all the actors to think about their future first.

Lastly the actor concludes by saying that Hangal saab will always be there in the heart of his well-wishers and he is happy that the audience haven't yet forgotten him.

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