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Lakeer ke Fakeer to tell all, and more about the Mumbai Underworld

Dated : September, 23, 2011 BY Roy Daniel D'Silva
If we tell you that Dawood Ibrahimís sisterís son-in-law, Zubair, is making a movie, how would you feel about it? Well, he is actually making a movie based on the like of a gangster who was finally killed in a police encounter. The movieís script is about three boys who are exploited by the authorities, the politicians and even the media to a certain extent. Dawood Ibrahim The movie, titled Lakeer ke Fakeer, stars some newcomers, but Zubair says that he got the permission to shoot in the areas that not even Ram Gopal Varma could get, simply because he was born and brought up in the thick of the underworld in the seventies and the eighties. Lakeer ke Fakeer is shot in the areas where the gangsters cut their teeth and made a life unto themselves, like Arab ka Bangla, Do Taki, Imam Wada and Pakmodia street.

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