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Pankaj Kapur and Mehreen Syed in an Indo-Pak film

Dated : November, 12, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Renowned director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan is quite known for his award-winning film 'Lahore', and thus now is all set for his next, which is as well based on the concept of Indo-Pak issue. However the latest buzz flying around is that the veteran 58-year-old actor Pankaj Kapur has been roped in this forthcoming venture, along with the 22-year-old Pakistani model Mehreen Syed.

A source close to the filmmaker reveals that the veteran was actually wishing to make such a film based on Indo-Pak, but eventually ended up in making 'Mausam' that starred his son Shahid Kapoor and actress Sonam Kapoor in lead. However Pankaj was then quite surprised when Sanjay offered him the film, and thus immediately agreed to be a part of it, added by the source.

Pankaj Kapur and Mehreen Syed in an Indo-Pak film

It is being said that along with Pankaj Kapur, renowned Pakistani model Mehreen Syed has been also roped in the project, where she will play a middle-class girl who falls prey to politics. Apparently Sanjay had finalized six well-known actors from Pakistan, an eminent Bangladeshi actor and also known actors from the Tamil and Telugu industry. The filmmaker is also in talks with some famed actors from Hindi cinema as well.

The movie will be shot in Delhi, Gujarat and a few international locations.

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