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Payal Rohatgi is getting married

Dated : October, 5, 2011 BY Aakash Barvalia
The gorgeous actress Payal Rohatgi, who was seen performing a few character roles in biggie films and as well in popular reality shows, is all set to get married with wrestler Sangram Singh. Payal Rohatgi and wrestler Sangram Singh, who have been dating each other for the past 5 months, are setting up to take their relationship to a new height, and not only this, it is said that it is all happening with the respect to both of the celebrities and their families. Reportedly a month ago, Sangram met Payalís family members and currently Payal is approaching to Delhi to meet Sangramís sister. Verifying the reports Sangram said that he indeed stayed at Payalís residence as soon as they (Payal and Sangram) arrived back after finishing their new-fangled reality show. When asked him that is he fine with the type of reflection Payal has in the industry and in the company of her frequent link-ups, particularly the one with Rahul Mahajan? To that the brawny wrestler said that who is Rahul Mahajan? Further stated that he do not know him and he even informed Payal that he is not concerned in her history, as long as they are blissful in the current. Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh Payal was a slight political. She stated that she is indeed arriving to Delhi on October 4, but coming to meet her father. Later confirms by saying that as Sangramís parents reside in Rohtak, therefore will be meeting just his sister who resides in Delhi. On her relationship with Sangram, she said that they both fell in love with each other while they were shooting for the reality show and from there onwards they began dating in next to no time. About Sangram she said that he is an extremely down to earth human being and his straightforwardness is what fascinated her. When quizzed that are they both looking forward to take their relationship into the next level and intends to settle down finally? To that the stunning Payal says that in the long run they possibly will, but precisely at the moment, they both would like to focus on their line of business, for at least 2 years.

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