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RGV playing it safe for his film on 26/11

Dated : November, 29, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Renowned director Ram Gopal Verma is known for multiple genres like road movies, horrors, fictional films, politician-criminal nexus, psychological thrillers, experimental films, musicals and underworld gang warfare. This headstrong director-producer is surprisingly taking a turn towards playing safe for his surely controversial upcoming movie which will replicate 26/11Mumbai attacks.

However, Ramu's latest disputable film based on 26/11 attacks is much under the brain work and suspicion, when quizzed the multi talented director, whether his film too has any fireworks in store.

RGV playing it safe for his film on 26/11

Interestingly, Ramu revealed "I don't think there's any scope for controversy; in fact it's my least controversial film till date. I won't be questioned about the subject matter of my film because it's based on hard-facts known to all; I just want to portray the emotional angle of the incident."

Well, hoping that it would be a good movie and not hurt the viewer's sentiments!

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