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Salman Khan and Psy to dance in Gangnam Style together

Dated : December, 12, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

We have seen many Hollywood pop singers coming all the way to India to perform in the concerts and events just to entertain people.

Well if reports are to be believed, then this time it would be double entertainment, as not only the much-popular Gangnam Style Korean singer Psy, but even our Bollywood Dabangg hero Salman Khan who would perform, and that too together for inauguration event of the forthcoming third edition of Celebrity Cricket League (CCL). Reportedly the inaugural event is held on January 19, 2013.

Salman Khan and Psy to dance in Gangnam Style together

Well there's more! The two amazing celebrities will also amuse the masses with their signature steps. The eight teams to compete in T20 CCL are Mumbai Heroes, Bengal Tigers, Chennai Rhinos, Kerala Strikers, Karnataka Bulldozers, Telugu Warriors, Veer Marathi and Bhojpuri Dabbangs.

Well it would be for sure a complete different kind of experience to watch superstar Salman Khan dancing with the South Korean singer in the famous Gangnam style.

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