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Sangram Singh: I haven't gone nude for PETA

Dated : June, 20, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

One may have seen many female actresses and models posing nude or topless for a magazine shoot or for a cause, but looks like the trend is changing. Now the male actors and models are also indulging in posing nude photo shoot. Recently the actor Ashmit Patel dropped his clothes and had gone nude for a photo shoot with a magazine, and now we can see wrestler turned actor Sangram Singh has done the same thing, but this time for a cause.

Sangram Singh

A couple of days back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) came out with a raunchy advert with budding actor Sangram Singh posing like a yogi with a single fig-leaf covering his private part. Though the picture gives an impression that Sangram had gone for a complete nude photo shoot, but he explains that he wasn't nude while shooting for the controversial and bold PETA advert.

Known as a shy and traditional type of being, Sangram revealed that he had in fact wore three leaves over his nude-colored underpants, but rest of the two leaves were taken away to give a feeling of nudity in the advertisement.

While Sangram is a complete vegan in the company of a strong body, PETA is very much glad that the actor had used his muscular physique for the cause. By means of this advert, Sangram is promoting vegetarianism and healthy living.

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