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Sapna to go nude to compete Sunny Leone

Dated : June, 12, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

The self proclaimed sex queen of India, Sapna, who as of now appeared in more than 300 B-grade and C-grade Indian movies in the past 16 years, had now finally made a decision to expose her fully nude body in her next movie. However, the major reason behind this is to apparently compete the very famous and heartthrob of the nation, Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone, who is making her debut in Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt's much-awaited forthcoming movie 'Jism 2'.

Sunny, who entered into the fame game when she entered as a participator in the Bigg Boss house, was signed by Mahesh Bhatt and at present the well-known porn actress will soon become a mainstream Bollywood actress. Leone was signed for the reason that Bhatt's were quite familiar with the fact that people will jump into the theatres to watch their movie simply to have a look how a porn star sizzles on the silver screen with her sexuality. Conversely, this thing has not gone in a fine manner with Sapna as she feels Bhatt's should have contacted her or any other struggling Indian actress instead of a porn star Sunny Leone.

Sapna and Sunny Leone

The famed B-grade actress Sapna will soon be coming in her forthcoming movie 'No 1 Dirty Heroine Sapna', in which she claims to go full nude for the first time ever in her long 16yrs of career, especially for her fans and audiences.

In one of her outburst interview with media, the 31-year-old actress said that she wants to show the audience what real sex-appeal is all about. Further added that Mahesh Bhatt had roped in the porn actress Sunny Leone in his movie, despite the fact that she had carried out the most passionate and hot sex-scenes in her lot of films throughout 16-years of her career, and thus now she will prove that porn star Sunny Leone is nothing in front of her when it comes to tempting the viewers and making them mad in the company of showing raw and hardcore sex-appeal.

Well she didn't stopped here, as she had also lashed out the controversial starlets Poonam Pandey and Veena Malik, who had for all the time made headlines with their controversial statements and acts.

Sapna said that Poonam Pandey is nothing but only skin and bone; whereas Veena Malik has already been rejected and thrown out from her own nation Pakistan and is further currently making black money in India. She further stated that there is no need to give any kind of work to these girls, as there are quite a lot of struggling Indian models and actress who are waiting for one chance to enact in Bollywood movies.

In a very firm manner, the famous b-grade and c-grade movie actress Sapna claimed that she had performed 300 sex-based movies till now, had wore bikinis plenty of times, done bed scenes countless of times, is having a huge fan following, and that is for the reason she is the 'Queen of Sex' in India.

Well now all said and done, let us wait and watch what response Sapna gets from Mahesh Bhatt or any other renowned filmmakers, or at least from Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey and Veena Malik.

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