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Rozlyn Khan as Savita Bhabhi: New Cartoon Series

Dated : November, 24, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Savita Bhabhi is quite a known pornographic character, thus the sizzling hot model Rozlyn Khan is not only now a new face of it, but will as well have a cartoon series in the name of her very soon, apparently titled as 'Rozlyn'.

The sex symbol had supposedly given exclusive rights to use her name to the original maker of Savita Bhabhi to begin with an altogether fresh and new cartoon series. Though Rozlyn Khan has not confirmed it yet anything about it, but she is regularly posting updates on her twitter account.

Rozlyn Khan as Savita Bhabhi

Despite the fact that Savita Bhabhi is banned in India, but the bold lassie quite supports the pornographic series. She says, "People are making money because of Savita Bhabhi; whether it's youtube, channels or comedy shows, everyone is riding her wave. The fact is that India likes porn, but refuses to admit it..."

The original creator of Savita Bhabhi toons, Deshmukh, is geared up to restart the things, and will apparently make a cartoon brand named on Rozlyn Khan, which would be titled as "Rozlyn". However it's not yet confirmed that whether this new progression will going to be a clean series tied up with only sensuality in it, or will be a complete pornographic cartoon just like Savita Bhabhi. Stay tuned for more updates!

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