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Shashi Kapoor is fine, stop spreading rumors: Kapoor's Family

Dated : November, 19, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Recently there were stories flying around that the veteran actor Shashi Kapoor is seriously ill, but the family members have denied such rumors by saying that he is absolutely fit and fine.

Bollywood's most loveable veteran actor Shashi Kapoor is now in the limelight, because of the fake rumors flying all around that he is weak and seriously not well. On the contrary, the family members of the legendary actor have denied such rumors by saying that he is perfectly fit and fine. It is being said that the rumors were erupted from one of renowned social websites.

Shashi Kapoor is absolutely fine

Reportedly, the nephew of the 74-year-old actor, Aditya Raj Kapoor, have clarified that he had himself spoken to the son of the veteran actor, Kunal Kapoor, and confirmed from him that Shashi Kapoor is absolutely fine. Aditya also added that the Padma Bhushan award winner has no official fan page, and the wrong ones are spreading rumors like 'He is weak, please pray for him'.

However the father of three was recently seen in a wheel chair which was handled by his son Kunal at late Yash Chopra's chautha, and is also presently suffering from age-related ailments. Well, no matter what, but we here wish our endearing veteran actor Shashi Kapoor, a very healthy and prosperous life ahead.

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