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Soha Ali Khan prefers eco-friendly Diwali

Dated : November, 13, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Just recently the gorgeous actress Soha Ali Khan enjoyed a lavish and royal festivity on her brother Saif Ali Khan's marriage with actress Kareena Kapoor. Now the Pataudi beauty is celebrating the most auspicious celebration, Diwali, with her family and friends. Where people use to celebrate the festival with firecrackers and in a generous manner, but the actress prefers to spend an eco-friendly one.

Recently Soha shared her childhood memories by saying that when she was a kid and were living in Delhi, they were celebrating the festival in a true Dilli style such as a big party in a lavish farmhouse, with a huge fireworks show, food, dance and fun till the wee hours of the morning. She also said that there were regularly trips to the hospital as well, where somebody would have burnt their hand or foot by setting up a rocket or bomb.

Soha Ali Khan prefers eco-friendly Diwali

However now, Soha shares her part of spending Diwali by saying that since few years, they had now opted for a less hazardous and more environmentally friendly zone to celebrate Diwali. The actress says that they light diyas in and outside the house, carry out a puja, and eat sweets till their tummy comes out. The gorgeous beauty is now celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali where there is no danger to life or limb.

Well Soha, though it's a quite Diwali, but many would believe that it's a pretty good way to enjoy the festival.

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