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Sunny Leone's Baby Doll a copy of Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again?

Dated : February, 24, 2014 BY Aakash Barvalia

Is Sunny Leone trying to copy the act of renowned international popstar Jennifer Lopez in her latest song?

Considering certain things such as a billowing black gown, an ample of leg show and a backdrop of writhing bodies, we believe there's certainly a quick look from Jennifer Lopez's single number 'Dance Again' in Sunny's 'Baby Doll' song from her erotica horror film 'Ragini MMS 2'.

Sunny Leone's Baby Doll a copy of Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again?

The song, which lately crossed 2 million views on YouTube, shows the porn star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone falling onto a pile of semi-naked bodies. Even the prototype of lights on the wall is related to 'Dance Again'. Furthermore, there's one more strange resemblance, which is Sunny wearing a black attire.

Manmeet of Meet Bros., who has sung the track, said, "Yes, a lot of people called in to point out the similarity. Sometimes the visual artist working on the song likes a certain sequence so much that it creeps into their work. I feel that's what happened with Baby Doll too."

Well, seems like Bollywood still has a long way to show something original!

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