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Veena Malik to marry Umar Farooq in 2015?

Dated : November, 19, 2013 BY Pooja Nayak

After having tried her luck with quite a few men in the B-town, bombshell Veena Malik seems to have finally found her Mr. Right.

While earlier, we had seen a blooming intimate love story between Veena and model turned actor Ashmit Patel, the gossipmongers also later witnessed a series of controversies and intimacy revolving around Veena and director Hemant Madhukar. However, amidst these all buzz, one can't miss out on Veena's recent lover, Umar Farooq.

Veena Malik to marry Umar Farooq in 2015?

Claiming to be a well established businessman, Umar Farooq is believed to have met Veena Malik in March 2013, through a friend in Dubai and he instantly fell in love with this Pakistani sexy siren. Since then, Farooq is spotted spending most of his quality time with Veena.

However, authenticating the above story, sources now reveal that Veena Malik has finally put forth her desire to marry by 2015 and if all goes well, her Mr. Right would be none other than the successful entrepreneur Umar Farooq.

Well, we congratulate the loving couple and hope to get an official announcement soon!

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