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Watch: Sophie Choudry's Hot Sex Scandal

Dated : October, 27, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

The sexy Bollywood siren Sohpie Choudry is all set to release her new album 'Hungama Ho Jaye'. However before releasing it officially, a small video part of it has been leaked where the bombshell is doing a raunchy sex scene with a hunk on the bed.

For her new album, Sophie was working on the remixed version of the retro song 'Hungama Ho Gaya', where she had as well launched the first look of it that gained a great response from all over. However the 15-second raunchy sex-scene clip of the hot video, featuring Sophie herself in it, has now only added the further curiosity in the yet-to-be release album.

Sophie Choudry's Hot Sex Scandal

The steamy video showcases a bedroom scene, where Sophie is seen in her barely two-piece and exposing a good amount of skin show and cleavage, while enacting a foreplay with a handsome hunk on the bed.

Well the video is out in stores now and is already grabbing eyeballs of many; Sophie is trying her best to remove the hot clip from the internet. The singer actually got familiar with this shocking truth when one of her fans informed her by tweeting with the video. However, now her team members are geared up to pull off the clip from net.

Sophie Choudry's Hot Sex Scandal

The singer turned actress tweets by saying, "Sm of u hv brought it to my attn that a clip from my video shoot has bn leaked online! Am Shocked!! Tku 4 telling me! My team is in the process of gettin it taken off!"

Later she as well added, "We were very careful about who was on set while shooting so can't understand how this happened. Want u all to see the real thing not a clip!"

Sophie Choudry's Hot Sex Scandal Sophie Choudry's Hot Sex Scandal

Well after watching the just 15-second raunchy video of the song, featuring the very hot Sophie Choudry in it, we wonder the 'real thing' would be an intense bold and hotter than the leaked version.

Sophie Choudry Hugama Ho Jaye Album

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