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Delhi Safari Review

Delhi Safari: Memorable and Cute Safari!

Delhi Safari is a movie with a message. But the tone of the movie is in no way preachy. Rather it is indeed innovative where the animals are seen expressing their perils and the world is seen by their perspective. Strong message against Animal poaching, deforestation and urbanization which will make us sit back and think.


The movie begins with leopard couple Sultan, begum and their cub Yuvi who are enjoying themselves. They are enjoying their comrade and living in harmony with the other creatures of the jungle. The bonhomie is very much apparent. The creatures of the jungle are busy enjoying themselves blissfully unaware that within a short while their lives would change forever.

A sudden loud clap much akin to a strong storm is heard and a sinister looking machine which is known as the bulldozer is seen creating tandem and destroying everything in its reach.

The creatures flee to safety


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Delhi Safari Movie Stills

Delhi Safari Movie Stills
Delhi Safari Movie Stills
Delhi Safari Movie Stills