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Bollywood Movie Reviews


Jal Movie Review – Leaves you dry & dehydrated

By Divya Solgama ,April, 4, 2014

Our Hindi filmmakers have often been fascinated by many exotic locations in our country like Rajasthan, Kashmir, Ladakh, Goa and many more. These directors use the locations as integral part of their films and thus focus a lot on detailing and trying to capture the cinematic topography. Yet, many of[...]

Views : 1548
Movie : Jal

Main Tera Hero Movie Review – Heroic Entertainment

By Divya Solgama ,April, 4, 2014

Commercial entertainers in our recent Hindi films are going through a very confused stage. On one side, there are films which are making and breaking the Crore clubs, on the other side most of them are made on a project basis with forced entertainment followed by weak remakes of hit[...]

Views : 8024
Movie : Main Tera Hero

Youngistaan Movie Review – Rides High On Vision Quotient…

By Divya Solgama ,March, 28, 2014

I still remember the last scene of Mani Ratnam's 'Yuva' (2004), where four youths dressed in denim becomes a part of legislative assembly full of elderly politicians dressed in white kurtas or shirts. This scene not only gives you a cinematic moment, but also was like a ray of light[...]

Views : 3508
Movie : Youngistaan

Dishkiyaoon Movie Review: ‘Bullet Which Misses Its Marked Target’

By Divya Solgama ,March, 28, 2014

The 70's era introduced the genre of gangster-based movies to our hindi cinemas. However, the numbers were small, but the impact was so big that 80's too started churning out loads of such movies but completely in a masala entertainer style. After a stagnation point, came films like 'Parinda' &[...]

Views : 2024
Movie : Dishkiyaoon

O Teri Movie Review – ‘Stop! In The Name Of Political Satire…’

By Divya Solgama ,March, 28, 2014

In the year 1983 a relatively small film 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro' with actors mostly from FTII (Film & Television Institute Of India) got released. This movie never got the deserved due on its release, but as the years kept passing by it acquired the cult status and has been[...]

Views : 2376
Movie : O Teri

Ragini MMS 2 Review: ‘This MMS Will Definitely Go Viral…’

By Divya Solgama ,March, 21, 2014

The Ramsay brothers incepted the horror genre in our Hindi cinema in such a way that by the mid 80's they had many clones who started making their types of films. Out of those clones, there were filmmakers like Mohan Bhakri, Joginder, Kanti Shah and a few more who took[...]

Views : 5832
Movie : Ragini MMS 2

Ankhon Dekhi Review: ‘Wish This Movie Never Ended And Just Keeps Going On…’

By Divya Solgama ,March, 21, 2014

Remember those golden days of Doordarshan where we witnessed some great gem types of T.V serials in the form of 'Hum Log', 'Malgudi Days', 'Nukkad' and many more. These serials portrayed the life of a simple lower middle class common man. When it came to our Hindi films the only[...]

Views : 5508
Movie : Ankhon Dekhi