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Bhoothnath Returns Music Review: Watch and Listen Songs

Dated : March, 28, 2014 BY admin

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Bhoothnath Returns is a movie that offers an unusual take on corrupt politicians and bureaucracy. Though the movie revolves around friendly ghost Amitabh Bachchan, but it offers a hidden message to the viewers.

While music is composed by Meet Bros Anjjan, Palash Muchhal, Ram Sampath and Yo Yo Honey Singh, the lyrics are penned down by Kumaar, Kunwar Juneja, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Munna Dhiman and Nitesh Tiwari.

Keeping the gist and film's background in mind, one can expect some groovy and lively songs, isn't it? Well, here's a sneak peek on the music of Bhoothnath Returns. Let's browse through each track and see whether music is one-of-a-kind or passable.

Bhoothnath Returns Poster

Party Toh Banti Hai

Party Toh Banati is definitely a track that you will remember, especially when you hang-out with your friends next time. The song features lovely contrast between the two singers, Meet Brothers and Mika Singh, and they make this track such a hit. Basically, it's a satire on corrupt politicians and their illegal activities. Keep this one on repeat mode!

Har Har Gange

The song Har Har Gange begins on an exciting note, and is able to grab listener's attention. This Punjabi track is composed of right beats, sharp voice and carefree sound. Sung by Aman Trikha, the song promises to be high on spirits. The melody is so arresting and sounds are so intimate that no one can resist listening. Truly thumbs up song!


The song Sahib starts at a slow pace, but it is definitely a listener's treat. It is a kind of prayer song, where common man pleads God to take care of everyone. Further, the song reminds us of famous Gurbaani verse, Tere bhane sarbat da bhala, which means may God showers choicest of blessings on everyone! It is definitely a hatke track!

Dharavi Rap

Well, after having some serious songs in its kitty, here's one more pop song Dharavi Rap. Though the song starts on foot tapping beats that recalls all Hindi films like Ferrari Ki Sawaari, and Chup Gaya Aasman, but it does not prove to be a pleasant treat. Sung by Parth S Balero and Anish, the song seems to be a tribute to Bollywood!

Party Toh Banti Hai Remix

The song Party Toh Banati Hai Remix truly adds jaan to the party. Sung by Meet Bros Anjjan and Mika Singh, it is definitely a track that will make you feel to groove, and believes in that no one parties harder and better than our Senior Bachchan. What makes this song alive is it's never ending beats and witty one liner. This song is truly dedicated to Youngistaan meri jaan!

Har Har Gange Remix

This is yet another remix number in the film that makes you go gaga over Amitabh Bachchan. What we like the most about the song is its Punjabi bol and groovy music that has an element of satire involved in it. Sung by Aman Trikha, Har Har Gange Remix is definitely a worth listening number.

Party with Bhoothnath

Party with Bhoothnath is the most anticipated track of the film Bhootnath Returns. It is a signature Honey Singh song with loads of fun and excitement. However, the continuous background music, which is supposed to be scary, irks you after some point of time. Though the song has a potential to become a chartbuster, but we would say it is not a very good offering from Honey Singh. The rap in the song engages you for a long time. Worth hearing at least once!


Overall there are 7 songs in the album that includes 2 remixes. The album Bhoothnath Returns is truly engaging and is upto the mark. Unlike present day generation songs, the album is meaningful and takes a call on corrupt politicians and redtapism. Well, the music director has done an above average job and we can conveniently say that the music compliments with the genre of film.


The album can be given rating of 3.5 out of 5.

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