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Bodyguard Music Review

Dated : August, 2, 2011 BY Roy Daniel D'Silva
The music for Bodyguard has been released! We take a look at the songs in this album, and at the beginning we should tell you that it has our favorite love song for this season. Read the complete review here:

Bodyguard Theme: (Instrumental)

The Bodyguard Theme is a slow, but heavy digital rendition that plays a single tune in different speeds and with different musical instruments. First, the trumpet is used to play a tune that is immediately likeable. Then, the tune is played on a piano, and finally on a simple keyboard. Of course, there is some dhinchak added to the background to make the theme better. This will work awesome as a background score to an action scene. This is one of the first times that the trumpet is used after a long, long time in Bollywood to a very good effect.

I Love You:

This one is sung by Ash King and Clinton Serejo and is a light romantic song. The lyrics are good, and this one will be a mainstay in many romance albums and playlists this season. Ash King and Clinton Cerejo give this a breezy tone and we like it! The composition of the song is below tempo, and the song never really reaches a frenzy that a typical Salman Khan movie does.

Teri Meri:

This one is the best song in the album. This is an enhanced version of the Bodyguard theme song, and Shreya Ghosal and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan add the necessary magic to make this one of the best intensely made romantic songs. The mukhda of this one is awesome, though the antra do not do justice to the mukhda, but the song works on many levels.

Body Guard:

This one runs on Salman Khanís awesomeoness after Wanted and Ready, and is sung by Salman Khan and others. The tune is good, and Salman Khanís voice is not as bad as one would think. This guy can sing any college romance song with a great ease. The song uses musical instruments like the guitar, piano, etc. and is a good song for Salman Khan and Bodyguard.

Desi Beat:

Desi Beat is another high pitched song from Boyguard. Sung by Mika Singh and Amrita Kak, you already know what you are getting from this song, and it delivers! The song is a rehash of an eighties song, and works because they donít hype it up. Mika Singh uses his rustic voice to bring the song to life. Amrita Kak provides able support in the song. †It is surprising to see Amrita Kak sing a rustic song, but she does justice to it. This one may well be the dancing song from the album. Though Bodyguard has a quick tone to it, it is not as danceable as Desi Beat is.

Then, there are other songs that work on the Teri Meri tune. Thereís the Teri Meri extended version and the Teri Meri acoustic version. Though it would first seem that these two songs are used just to add to the albumís length, they are not half as bad as the songs in other movies† which are spun off from other songs. You can check out the Bodyguard Trailer here and also Bodyguard preview and Bodyguard review in the next few days.

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