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Kismet Love Paisa Dilli Music Review: Watch & Listen Songs

Dated : September, 25, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia


Directed by Sanjay Khanduri, music of the movie is composed by Amjad Nadeem and Santok Singh, and lyrics are written by Shabbir Ahmed and Santok Singh. Ratings of the music are 3 stars!


One would be somewhat confused about what to exactly expect from the music of Kismet Love Paisa Dilli aka KLPD. The movie is neither a typical love story nor a usual 'masala' film that could contain music of all forms and range. In view of the fact that it's a fairy-tale of one night going wrong for the central characters, you might wonder some situational outings or dream sequences, depending on how director Sanjay Khanduri (who directed Ek Chalis Ki Last Local, for a second time belonging to the same genre) would in fact fit in the tracks here. At least one can expect some surprises in the offering, in the company of the composers like Amjad-Nadeem and lyricist Shabbir Ahmed at the helm of affairs and Santokh Singh including in as well.

Kismet Love Paisa Dilli wallpaper


The album kicks-off with a surprise here by means of 'Dhishkiyaon'. In the company of Sonu Nigam crooning the song, there is further weight added to the track which is actually a fine merge of beats and tune. In fact on hearing the track on a repeat note, there is a different Sajid-Wajid feel that one would find in 'Dhishkiyaon' which is an out-n-out enjoyable outing, in the midst of Ritu Pathak heard in the later phases. Shabbir Ahmed's lyrics makes the mood in an ease manner here, whereas Amjad-Nadeem do the rest by coming up in the company of an elevated power track that has in it to stay on with the listener till the movie runs in the theatres.

Appy Budday...

On the other hand, the number that should continue on for much longer even after the release of the movie is none other than but 'Appy Budday'. The track seems to be coming instantly from a Punjabi movie backdrop and is actually type of song which finds an immediate interest approaching its way. 'Baby Baith Pajero Mein, Tera Appy Budday Manaenge' is the type of chant that has worked truly well in Punjabi movies and now that it is showing its magic in KLPD, where the makers are also expecting to gain some praises here too. Santokh Singh does pretty well in getting lyrics, tune and rendition, for this yet a new enjoyable song that also comes in a 'videshi' and 'desi' version.

Appy Budday (Remix version)...

In this remix version, fortunately the difference shows (not like many other remixes) as there is a shift in background, whereabouts, lyrics, chorus as well as the tempo. While one waits to witness how far 'Appy Budday' helps in forming visibility around the movie, one thing is guaranteed that the song would hit upon its major places in the discs and clubs, especially in marriages and other festivities.


Amjad-Nadeem and Shabbir Ahmed comes back for rest of the album here and by this time one understands that the music has certain set of temper to it, which is self-determining of movie's storyline. In view of the fact that KLPD is probably not that type of movie that offers the viewers about Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat not getting into some soft romantic trip, the makers have taken the road of fun, 'masti' and 'mazaa', in the company of the songs bearing a steady speed and styling. 'Jugaad' has a typical North Indian locale to it, in the midst of a sturdy Punjabi support to it. By means of Sukhwinder Singh and Mamta Sharma coming together, the track is not that impressive, yet decent.

Don't Fuff My Mind...

Last one to come is the title track, 'Don't Fuff My Mind'. This is the one which plays along with the trailers, which somehow suggest that it would be pure situational offering. Mika Singh is the elected one here to take the charge as the lead singer, and thus the team ensures that the song is a complete enjoyable one. This one, together with the 'remix' version, talks regarding 'Dilli' and the eccentricities attached to it. Although one does sense it that this one could have further gone all the way, it in fact is the one that goes with the movie's storyline and has also Vivek Oberoi rapping a line or two.


One can undoubtedly feel that the makers actually wanted the music of KLPD to be like an instant coffee, where the compositions carries out their task and get the movie noticed in front of the mango people, in spite of creating a long-term composition. For a movie that hasn't truly been made up to give chartbusters music, therefore it's actually a decent album in the company of an enjoyable and entertaining songs like 'Appy Budday' and 'Dhishkiyaon', that also helps their part in the narrative.

Our Pick(s)

Appy Budday (Videshi), Dhishkiyaon

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