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OMG! Oh My God Music Review: Watch & Listen Songs

Dated : September, 24, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia


Written and Directed by Umesh Shukla, the music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, Anjjan - Meet Bros, Sachin and Jigar. The lyrics of the movie are written by Shabbir Ahmed, Sameer, Subrat Sinha, Kumaar and Swanand Kirkire. Ratings of the music are 3.5 stars.


One would not have much expectation from the music of this movie, bearing in mind the situational outings with respect to its genre. However 'OMG! Oh My God' is an exceptional, as the makers and music composers have impressed the listeners with its experimental tracks. With the group of composers and lyricists, the entire album is a worthy to listen.

OMG! Oh My God wallpaper

Don't Worry (Hey Ram)...

The album begins with 'Don't Worry (Hey Ram) ' which is effortlessly surrounded by the topmost songs of the year till now. It's a club song that as well masks devotional parts devoid of making it plain. 'Don't Worry (Hey Ram)' has some of the excellent beats, which is being rendered by Benny Dayal, Himesh Reshammiya and Arya Acharya, who have eventually given out a superb beginning to the album.

Don't Worry (Hey Ram) - Remix version...

One wouldn't have expected to hear a remix version of this particular song, but this one is actually that type of song which deserves a yet one more version for itself. Penned down by Subrat Sinha, 'Don't Worry (Hey Ram)' has in it to locate its path into discs and clubs in next to no time. Moreover, as Akshay Kumar features in this song as Lord Krishna itself, this one is sure going to be yet another huge musical offering for him after Pritam's 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama' from the movie 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa'. A special note here that the signature tune of 'Dum Maro Dum' that goes along with this track right from the start, gives an addictive appeal to the listeners.

Mere Nishaan...

After such a terrific start, there is an unexpected shift in mood with 'Mere Nishaan' comes as next, which is being composed by the guest composers 'Anjjan - Meet Bros'. It's a meditative song penned down by Kumaar that narrates the difficulties of God who is trying hard to discover a meaning in his own creations. Sung by Kailash Kher, who is as well getting the support from Anjjan - Meet Bros behind the microphones has a slow tempo and is strictly situational. However the composition and lyrics is not bad in any manners, but the sudden shift in mood may not be consumed by many listeners.

Tu Hi Tu...

Luckily the mood of 'Don't Worry (Hey Ram)' comes back with Himesh Reshammiya bringing an impressive track with 'Tu Hi Tu'. It's a feel-good number regarding the existence of God in every moment of life, and thus this one is for another time composed and arranged in such a manner that if the mantra of 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' would not have been chipped in, then it could have been well passed away as a romantic song.

Tu Hi Tu - Remix, Reprised and Unplugged version

Lyrics penned down by Sameer, 'Tu Hi Tu' comes in four different versions. Although Mohd Irfan sings the original and remix version (remix version of it also does well), the 'reprise' version by Suraj Jagan merely strengthens the song's appeal further. He is followed by Ash King's 'unplugged version', which as well manages to hook the listener's right from the start. As there are different versions of Tu Hi Tu, one would now look forward to appear rather often in the narrative of the film.

OMG! Oh My God wallpaper

Oh My God (Sound Track)

The makers are quite confident about their track 'Tu Hi Tu', as the instrumental version of it also appears next in the album. It's a quite shorter 90 second version, which is being titled as 'Oh My God (Sound Track) '. This is one also much impressive track!

Krishna Theme...

Soon after there is 'Krishna Theme' also, which is being composed by Anjjan - Meet Bros, who does pretty much fine in this classical track where Parash Nath does the trick with the flute and amazes the listeners.

Go Go Govinda...

Shabbir Ahmed's penned down track 'Go Go Govinda' has Mika Singh behind the mike that takes the honors to entertain the listeners and as well viewers with their full-on 'masti-bhara' number. In the company of an addictive piece of music doing the trick and tempo being just an ideal for a festivity to enjoy, 'Go Go Govinda' had successfully managed to enter in those countless 'Govinda' songs which one would remind playing during the festive season. Moreover, Shreya Ghoshal also fetches out perfect spunk in this extremely full of life song, and makes her own stand in spite of Mika's presence in the song.

In addition, it is good to witness Himesh Reshammiya presenting a bit different and making a successful experimental move. He makes it sure that not just the composition is an energetic, but the arrangements too praise it in a fine manner, for only to make it sure that the song becomes addictive in a single hearing itself.

For the viewers, Sonakshi Sinha and Prabhudheva does pretty much well in inviting the audience to the dance floors with the type of their amazing dance moves, which eventually keeps you engaged right through the very start. Soon after, the 'reprise' version comes in the picture, which is as well an added bonus, in the company of beginner Aman Trikha that fetches out a different flavor with his voice.

Hari Bol...

'Hari Bol' comes as the last song in the album, which is actually based on Gujarati folk and has Kirti Sagathia behind the mike. It's quite a surprising thing to witness that composer duo Sachin-Jigar have actually composed such type of music and manages to give it something different, bearing in mind their previous works that had churned out a heavy-on-beats and fast paced songs. Penned down by Swanand Kirkire, it's a situational song and should go down well in the narrative part.


For a movie that is completely different from typical Bollywood entertainers, 'OMG! Oh My God' becomes a pretty good album which has at least two chartbusters - Go Go Govinda and Don't Worry (Hey Ram) - that would push ahead the fortunes and luck of the movie. Furthermore, 'Tu Hi Tu' has also a good tune to it also which should find fine favor in the middle of the listeners and as well as viewers. Overall, the music of 'OMG! Oh My God' is a complete winner.

Our Pick(s)

Don't Worry (Hey Ram), Go Go Govinda, Tu Hi Tu

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