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Son of Sardaar Music Review: Watch & Listen Songs

Dated : November, 6, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia


Directed by Ashwani Dhir, it's a comical drama movie starring Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Sajay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, and others. Music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid-Wajid and Sandeep Chowta, whereas lyrics are penned down by Sameer, Shabbir Ahmed, Irshad Kamil and Manoj Yadav. Ratings of the music of SOS are 4 stars.


Naturally there are pretty much good kind of expectations from the music of Son of Sardaar, bearing in mind the Diwali release, the star cast and makers of the film, a bunch of renowned composers along with lyricists, and lastly the big clash with YRF's 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan'. The album contains seven songs, along with remixes, reprises and so on. Let us see how much it had impressed the listeners and viewers both!

Son of Sardaar Poster

Son Of Sardaar...

The album commences with a striking chord in the company of its title song 'Son Of Sardaar'. By means of its addictive beats right from the very first minute, this Hinglish lines penned down by Shabbir Ahmed has been provided a complete 'bhangra' treatment by Himesh Reshammiya who as well comes behind the mike, next to in the company of Aman Trikha. In the midst of a folk base to it, the song begins off reasonably well but has a bumpy speed to it, because of which it doesn't become the crackerjack song. On the other side, remix version is also quite good and does manages to tickle your mind with three word - Son of Sardaar.

Rani Tu Mein Raja...

The album kicks off with another song 'Rani Tu Mein Raja' and also its remix version, which is written down by Sameer. It begins well in the company of Yo Yo Honey Singh offering his rap to a fine effect, and thus the song gets on track quite soon, with further Mika Singh giving good support at his energetically best. On the whole, it's a melodious track, which is further improved by newcomer Bhavya Pandit who had fetched out in the proper merger of fun and naughtiness in her voice that also goes well with the song's fun quotient.

Po Po...

Lyricist Shabbir Ahmed comes back with a complete fun and enjoyable track 'Po Po' that features Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha in it. As expected, the song matches up with the Punjabi feel of the album, in the company of its Hindi-English-Punjabi combo. It's a typical 'desi' dance number which is high on get-up-and-go level and is quite self-assured to find its way in festivities at North India, and also at various night clubs. Singers Vikas Bhalla, Aman Trikha and Himesh Reshammiya are clearly having an enjoyable time here while singing this track.

Tu Kamaal Di Kudi...

The album continues to impress with another song titled as 'Tu Kamaal Di Kudi', which is being penned down by Manoj Yadav. It has a more or less similar kind of celebration feel to it, just like the above song 'Po Po', and singers Vineet Singh and Mamta Sharma had perfectly sung to make it as a foot-tapping one. While the song does manages to seize your interest, it also successfully expresses the message behind the album of Son Of Sardaar that is being filled with lots of bhangra numbers.


Well 'Bichdann' is clearly the finest song of the album. It's a romantic track composed by Himesh Reshammiya that begins with Ajay Devgn saying out a few lines before Rahat Fateh Ali Khan takes over. It's a touching song that eventually boasts some very fine arrangements. 'Bichdann' is a wonderfully composed by Himesh, penned down by Sameer, and sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, which all together productively raises the graph of the album.

Yeh Jo Halki Halki Khumariya...

The mood is maintained with Irshad Kamil penned down song 'Yeh Jo Halki Halki Khumariya' which remains from where 'Bichdann' has left, where this time as well the soulful singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan continues to be in good form. It sounds like a much relaxed version and has a much more romantic feel to it than being meditative. It's a Sufi track with a bit Western stroke to it. 'Yeh Jo Halki Halki Khumariya' has an excellent melody touch which somehow ensures a good hit in the long run.

Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Yeh Sawaal Aata Hai...

It's an experiment track where Ajay Devgn is seen and heard narrating 'Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Yeh Sawaal Aata Hai', which had also dominated in the movie's promotion. The director turned lyrics writer Ashwni Dhir had finely pictured the Sardars and had made a very good impression with it. Sandeep Chowta's 'Funk' version and 'House Track Trance' version in the album does not truly make the much loved impact, where if truth to be told, the original version is much better than the latter two.


Son Of Sardaar delivers what it assures, such that to give a high-on-energy album. The complete album has a North Indian flavour to it, as one would expect in the company of 'bhangra' numbers dominating it throughout, there are also a few Sufi and romantic songs in it, which on the whole impresses the listeners. Furthermore, the tracks are as well doing well in the situation of the movie. Thus, overall the album impresses both, listeners and as well viewers. However with respect to its bhangra feel, the album would be restricted to few listeners.

Our Pick(s)

Son Of Sardaar, Rani Tu Mein Raja, Po Po, Bichdann, Yeh Jo Halki Halki Khumariya

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