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Ammaa Ki Boli Preview

Dated : November, 21, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Directed by Narayan Chauhan, it's a comical drama movie starring Farrukh Jaffer, Sanjay Mishra, Hrishita Bhatt, and others in their respective roles. Actor Sanjay Mishra is playing the role of Rukmi, Hrishita Bhatt as Rukmi's wife Pramila, Farrukh Jaffer as the mother Ammaa, Govind Namdev as Parmu, Sitaram Panchal as Jeetu, Zakir Hussain as Hari, Ishteyak Khan as Munna, Himani Shivpuri as Ammaa's daughter Kalavati, Sheila Sharma as Parmu's wife Kamla, Sravani Goswami as Jeetu's wife Bimla, Sangeeta Tiwari as Hari's wife Sarla, Raj Mishra as Lawyer, Anupam Shyam as Tiwariji, Shekhar Singh as Laxman, and Priyal Patil as Urmila. Actors such as Rajpal Yadav and Liza Malik will be seen in their special appearances in the film. Story, screenplay, dialogue and lyrics written by Sajan Agarwal, the movie is produced by Mukesh Chaudhary, under the banner of Street Act Productions.

The story of 'Ammaa Ki Boli' revolves around an old-aged widow mother Ammaa (Faruk Zafar), who is living in small town with her 5 adult kids and a second-hand two-seater scooter. Ammaa's five grown-up children's, that is Parmu (Govind Namdev), Jeetu (Sitaram Panchal), Rukmi (Sanjay Mishra), Kalavati (Himani Shivpuri) and Hari (Zakir Hussain), are all well-settled and have their own respective two-seater scooter. However only Rukmi doesn't have and thus to have one, one fine day he robs an approximate Rs. 40,000/- from Ammaa's safe-box and purchases a second-rate two-seater vehicle.

Ammaa Ki Boli Preview

Soon the scooter encounters with a strange accident because of the two neighborhood young boys, and so does the disclosure of stealing money from Ammaa. A group meeting was then eventually called up in the family, and the scooter was then announced as 'Sarvajanik Scooter' (a scooter used by all) where anyone and anybody in the family can ride on it. Well this disappoints Rukmi and the story then takes a complete u-turn in an absolute entertaining and comical manner, where how it transforms from the key of this infamous second-hand scooter to Ammaa's funeral, forms the crux of the story.

This movie as well deals with the significance of relations in the current situations. On the whole, Ammaa Ki Boli is a spoof on family relations between a mother and her five grown-up kids, which has been narrated in a form of comedy.

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