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? (Question Mark) Review: 1hr 30mins of Complete Horror

Posted on February 20, 2012 in Bollywood Movie Reviews, Friday Fury, Movies - 1 Comment

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Genre: Horror, Thriller

Release date(s): February 20, 2012

CastMaanvi Gargoo, Varun Thakur, Akhlaque Khan, Chirag Jain, Yaman Chatwal , Sonam Mukherjee, Kiran Bhatia , Jayaseelan, and others.
DirectorYash Dave, Allison Patel
ProducerSyed Abrar Husain, Yen Movies
PresenterPercept Picture Company
StoryYash Dave, Allison Patel
Executive ProducerUdhaya Rajni
CinematographerAllison Patel, M. Anandan
EditorUdhaya Rajni
Art DirectorRajkumar


Quick preview:

Directed by the young debutants, Yash Dave and Allison Patel, this horror genre movie ‘Question Mark’ is the finest and bravo effort made by them, along with the entire cast and crew, in India. In short, this movie can be described as a complete 1hr and 30mins of spooky, horrifying and eerie product, which definitely makes you jump from the seat.

Question Mark Wallpaper


On 10th of November 2010, 7 college students from Mass Media background, 3 girls and 4 boys, were set out on an unknown journey to make their first ever short-movie as a part of their project. Somewhere faraway from Mumbai, these young students’ lands on one spooky bungalow, which one of the boy among them have managed for their stay. They shared their joy and happiness together on their way and throughout the day with their naughtiest pranks on each other. A day later, when one of their pranks became a little more serious, they all experienced rather strange and uncanny incidents after that.

Question Mark Wallpaper

Sooner or later, these incidents were becoming so much creepy minute by minute, that they had a no choice to believe the fact that a few supernatural ghosts or some evil spirits are making their best efforts to harm them. All the 7 college students right away decided to leave the place, but unfortunately the keys of their car was missing, and they had a no choice but to stay inside the spooky bungalow in the middle of evil spirits. As the story moved further, one by one all these seven young unlucky fellows gets killed in an eeriest manner.


Before the release of this movie, the makers didn’t disclosed the cast and crew details in front of the media, to make it sure among the audience that they are watching some realistic movie, which actually occurred in real. The movie is a collection of the “Footage”, which the students have recorded from their hand-held camera and sometimes still, throughout their journey and experiences such as every move and sound is captured in it. To make further real, the movie doesn’t have even any opening or end credits.

Question Mark Wallpaper

This film has no name and it is just called as ‘?’. It finishes as suddenly as it starts, and thus it’s an effortlessly frightening most of the times. It does not provide the viewers that typical sound effects, which one may see in most of the horror movies, and thus in the league of the films like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project in their respective manner and substance, ‘?’ is predictable in its genre, yet unpredictable in its narration and end product.

Question Mark Wallpaper

The movie surely resembles you with quite a few known super hit Hollywood movies, which has same kind of style and content, but what makes impressive is the hardcore and water-tight narration by the debutants who have done a bravo job by introducing and making such type of movie with an extreme touch perfection in Bollywood.

Question Mark Wallpaper

Bearing in mind that the film is made on a small budget, the writer and the director duo Yash Dave and Allison Patel had managed it quite efficiently to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat, along with pulling out some first-rate performances by an almost debutants cast.

Question Mark Wallpaper

Sonam Mukherjee as the haunted girl is spooky. Varun Thakur as the one who handles the camera conveys his panic in an able manner. Maanvi Gagroo and others have supported quite well.

Question Mark Wallpaper

Final Verdict:

‘?’ has no goodbyes, no credits, and is having just some spooky found footages! Strongly recommended for all those who are not a fan of horror genre, and a must watch for all those who are die-hard fans of such genre.

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