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10ml Love Review: It's different!

Dated : December, 7, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Ratings : star

Quick Review

Many romantic comedy movies come and go, where some also comes with more or less similar kind of stories, which again pays a drawback for it. However the strong point is the narration, which says how well the movie had gripped the audience. 10ml Love is exactly the same kind of movie, where one would just love after watching it.


It revolves around three couples and a Ramleela group, which is being perfectly blend and narrated. Mini (Koel Puri), Shweta (Tara Sharma) and Neil (Purab Kohli) are three school friends. Shweta and Neil are getting married soon, but Shweta loves a car-mechanic guy Peter (Neil Bhoopalam). On the other side, Mini too had a strong relationship with Neil earlier, so the girl is in deeply love with groom, and he also in fact loves her deep down inside his heart. Well there are two more stories revolving around!

Khalid (Rajat Kapoor) loves his wife Roshni (Tisca Chopra) very much, but is having a tendency to doubt on her character time and again, which irks the lady. Also there is group of man, who are running their catering business and also does Ramleela act every year in their area. Their story revolves around an important character in the group, Chand (Manu Rishi), who often gets pushed down by their leader played by Brijendra Kala.

10ml love Review

How these all four stories is being mixed up on one crazy wedding night, which is further followed by a magic portion called as 'Josh-E-Jawaani', forms the crux of the movie.

Screenplay & Direction

Written and directed by Sharat Katariya, the movie is based on Shakespeare's novel 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' that is been well-adapted, well-narrated and well-directed in a modern-style format. Although there are four different kind of stories are running, but it's been designed in a superb manner. Every story has been given more or less equal length, and also every character in the film marks their importance. The film starts with a bunch of men who are practicing for their Ramleela play, and also ends up with an important character that plays a vital role in the group.

10ml love wallpaper

The first half majorly introduces you with every character and their respective problems, and then the story takes a different chaotic turn in second half when the magic portion given by Khalid's mother (Sarita Joshi) starts bringing its effect. Both the halves manage to entertain the viewers in their own respective manner. However, though the basic storyline might be similar to many other previous movies, but there's something different in this particular film, which impacts more. Furthermore, the storytelling by Sharat Katariya was superb enough to engage throughout. On the other hand, direction done him was equally commendable, because to blend all the four different stories in a flawless and interesting manner is definitely not an easy task. Overall, as a debutant writer-director with this movie, Sharat had indeed managed to impress the moviegoers.

Sequences such as Peter complaining to god Jesus, Mini meeting Peter in the church for the first time, the entire chaos jungle sequence, Khalid's touching conversation with his wife in the end, entire sequence of Josh-E-Jawaani in Shweta's room, scenes between Roshni and Chand near the lake, and many more were funny, compelling and beautifully sketched out.

Music & Other Technicalities

There were no songs featured in the movie, and thus it added as a plus point. It helped the storyline to make it crisp, shorter, and better for the viewers. Background music was apt according to the situations in the film. Cinematography was good, and so does the editing. A special mention to the editor Vinod Sukumaran here, that he had very nicely placed the order of four different stories in an appropriate manner with no confusion and no glitches, along with the help of the director. Dialogues were funny and natural, and rest of the other technicalities had supported well.


Each and every actor had performed simply brilliant in their respective roles. Purab Kohli was first-rate and Tara Sharma was in her usual self, whereas Neil Bhoopalam and Manu Rishi had impressed a lot. Koel Puri was at her best; watch her in jungle sequence when she gets emotionally outburst and also when Purab thinks her as Tara Sharma and talks about her instead, her each and every expression of her counts. Rajat Kapoor was terrific; watch him when he says his last dialogue conversation with wife as 'Yeh Mera Kasoor Nai Hai... Kasoor Toh' Brijendra Kala was good, Sarita Joshi and rest other actors had supported well.

10ml love wallpaper

Final Verdict

'10ml Love' is a different kind of love story, which is being found and enjoyed very rare. The movie is being narrated and directed in a very well manner, in the company of its hilarious chaotic sequences and good performances. Try it, Experience it, and you will surely Love it!

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