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1920 - Evil Returns Review: Horror Returns!

Dated : November, 2, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Ratings : star

Quick Preview

Just like an unbeaten series of Raaz, Vikram Bhatt is successfully making a franchise of his 2008 hit movie '1920'. As it's a sequel, one would be definitely expecting a better product than the original. Thus '1920 - Evil Returns' should be spookier, horrifying and attention-grabbing, along with an excellent storyline, more than '1920'. However the makers had effectively impressed the moviegoers, especially to the one who have loved the first part.


The story starts with a young girl Smruti (Tia Bajpai), who lives in the era of 1920, and is very much disturbed and in pain. She is in love with a renowned poet Jaidev Verma (Aftab Shivdasani), and vice-a-versa, but they haven't met each other till yet and all the conversations happened with love-letters. However, she is been spellbound by one evil spirit since two years, who makes sure that she is not able to meet Jaidev. Presently according to the poet, Smruti is dead and thus he lives a life of a loner since two years with his beloved sister Karuna (Vidya Malvade). Somehow Smruti tries to escape from that evil spirit, but met with an accident. Jaidev found her near the lake but discovered out that she had lost all her memory.

Well though Smruti had lost all her memory and doesn't even recognize herself, she still remembers the poems written by her love Jaidev which is there somewhere in her subconscious mind. This makes more suspicious, but now in the name of humanity, Jaidev decides to help her. However, just when Smruti had successfully recollected all her memory and tries to tell everything to Jaidev, she gets possessed by an evil spirit. How Jaidev discovers out the real truth behind Smruti's hidden identity, who is this evil spirit and why does he want to separate the lovebirds, forms the crux of the story.

1920 - Evil Returns Review

Screenplay & Direction

Written by Vikram Bhatt and Amin Hajee, the basic plot of the movie is more or less similar to the first part, where a girl is being possessed by an evil spirit and the hero investigates to find out the real truth by going into past. However the screenplay and entire story of the film is altogether different, and is also being narrated in a different manner. The movie certainly terrifies you right from the first sequence, till the climax, but don't expect some blood-chilling horrifying experiences. In between, there are certain sequences which are being stretched out to some extent, but overall it's a complete winner and entertains you thoroughly with spooky and thrilling events. Another thing is that the movie had showed less drama and had speed to grab the attention of the audience. On the other hand there were some glitches, but it effectively didn't offered time to think, that can be count as a plus point.

First half is quite good and shows you the pain of the couple getting separated, along with some terrifying parts and the mystery behind the evil spirit. Whereas the second half takes the graph of the movie in an altogether different level, by unlocking the mystery and fight with evil spirit. Sequences such as a graveyard caretaker Bamkimlal asking the possessed Smruti to reveal her identity or to at least give some hints, Jaidev Verma gets familiar with the fact that the unknown lady which he is helping out is no other than but her love Smruti only, the entire climax sequence, and much more were terrific and worth-watching.

1920 - Evil Returns Review

'1920 - Evil Returns' is a directorial debut of Bhushan Patel, and he had certainly made an impression by taking one of the most difficult genres and handling it in a brilliant manner. The horrifying moments, and narrating the story which includes a deep mystery, shows how a fine director he is. Moreover, a lengthy sequence of Bamkimlal and the spirit along with Jaidev and his family inside the house, and a long-drawn climax, shows the real talent of Bhushan Kumar. He had showed that with just a simple written sequence, how it can be made into an attention-grabbing one, along with spooky and thrilling elements added in it.

Music & Other Technicalities

Music in the film is melodious at its best. Composer Chirantan Bhatt have made it sure that all the songs in this horror genre would fit into the narration, as one would expect. To the listeners, almost every number is a worth listening, and for the viewers, it won't bother and interrupt the flow of the story, and would in fact entertains well. Background score was apt according to the genre, while in some of the sequences it was superbly played. Dialogues were beautifully written, especially lead actors saying all the poems in form of their conversation.

Make-up was very much impressive. Graphic effects could have been done better, but was satisfactory enough. Cinematography was remarkable, and had successfully captured the horrifying moments including the stunning beauty of Sweden. Editing was good, and rest of the other technicalities had greatly supported.


Aftab Shivdasani is a fine actor, and this movie will again prove that. Though his real talent was missing in some parts, but overall he was quite convincing. Tia Bajpai is a supremely talented girl who deserves more projects just than Vikram Bhatt films. As an innocent girl and possessed lady, Tia had exceptionally enacted her character in the film. Watch out when as a possessed lady she is been directed towards sunlight, and also the full-fledged climax sequence. On the whole, she is the backbone and soul of the film.

Vidya Malvade was decent, Sharad Kelkar as an evil spirit gave a good performance but although not a rocking debut, and lastly the actor who played Bamkimlal was first-rate. Rest others had supported well.

1920 Evil Returns Review

Final Verdict

'1920 - Evil Returns' is the sequel to '1920', and from the start only it was hyped that the makers are planning to take the franchise ahead. Thus it's but obvious to expect similar kind of horrifying experiences such as a possessed girl and it's relating story. Well how to make it better and enhanced is what the makers have to carry out to entertain the audience. Thus the sequel had effectively impressed, terrified and as well satisfied the people who have loved 1920.

A strongly recommended and must watch for the horror movie lovers, and also to the ones who have enjoyed watching the 2008 hit movie '1920'. Vikram Bhatt had once again strike a chord by unveiling a successful franchise, and thus with respect to this, seems like the long-lost horror genre had creatively returned in Bollywood.

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