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3G Review: It's just like the old dial up connection days which...

Dated : March, 15, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star


I still remember when I saw R.Madhavan's '13B', I was totally bowled by its unusual theme of connecting horror with technology. It was one of most intellectual horror films from our Hindi Cinema, despite the fact that this type of theme has been quite common in international films. Thus when I saw the first look of Neil Nitin Mukesh's - '3G', it reminded me of plenty of international horror films with cell phone as its main protagonist. Most of the times our gut feeling after watching the promos work, but then there are times when we do get some good shockers. So let's find out whether '3G' has its own unique style of horror or might be just plain copy of some international film.


'3G' is story of a couple Sam {Neil Nitin Mukesh} & Sheena {Sonal Chauhan} who are spending their vacation on Fiji Islands. Sam loses his cell phone and thus has to buy a new phone from a local shop. The moment he buys that phone, he keeps getting spooky calls. Slowly those calls keep controlling Sam and terrible things keeps happening. What happens next is what the entire story is all about.

3G Review

Screenplay & Direction

Story has shades from few international films and one might also remember B - Grade horror flicks from the house of Mohan Bhakhari & Kanti Shah. The plotline is so thin that it fails to stay connect and keeps breaking at frequent intervals. The only creative stuff this film has and that is the credit titles, which are fantastic.

Besides this only good point, the movie is flooded with negative points such as all the spooky scenes were like done to death, Neil keeps reacting to the phone calls, Neil and Sonal's investigation at various places to find the missing person, The whole goons fight chapter followed by everything being sorted out in simple manner, The whole bad side of Neil followed by the super stretched climax.

3G Movie Wallpaper

Also I fail to understand that why in almost every Hindi horror films the other partner fails to understand its partners fear. Also the couple in this film keeps behaving so much normal in between that one might feel everything is well. There are many unwanted and over the top scenes like the whole Neil using software to scan, the Gay track, neils dance with Diana, The dialogs of the natives sounded like the Teleshopping ads with Hindi dubbing over it.

Debutant director duo - Sheershank and Shantanu tries to create some out of this world horror film, which fails miserably due to its bad write up followed by trashy way of presenting it. If you remove Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal this movie is nothing but typical B-Grade drama. The overdose of kisses, love making scenes, porn tapes and other stuff makes this film total down market and sleazy. The director tries to rope in almost all the possible scenes which we can expect in any low market film. Also the topic is super stretched with repetitive scenes, songs and many more. The message in the finale goes wasted and does not work like it did in films like 'Table No 21' and many more.

Music & Other Technicalities

Music by Mithoon is not at all worth mentioning. There are one or two songs which are wrongly placed and do not have any connection to the film except for usage of glamour quotient.

3G Movie Review

Camera work is fine and the makers have extracted some great locations of the Fiji Island. Editing is so abrupt, lame and lazy. There are so many unwanted scenes and at many times there are abrupt cuts in the film.


Neil Nitin Mukesh tries to do decent performances. He excels in few scenes, but fails over the bad writing and pathetic direction. Sonal does nothing but just exposing herself to the maximum level. Mrinalini Sharma and Asheesh Kapur are wasted. All the local Fiji mothers remind you of those teleshopping ad's with horrible dubbing in Hindi language.

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hai Dum?

Dum?? This movie has no dum at all. It works only if you are ready to watch a B-Grade sleazy film with well know actors in lead role. This movie not only tests your patience, but also tests your cinematic levels. I would never suggest this movie to any good cinema lover. As I feel this movie '3G' is just like the old dial up connection days which keeps attempting and still fails to connect at all. .

  • Ratings : 0.5/5

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