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Ankur Arora Murder Case Review: This case is like - 'Tareekh Pe Tareekh, Tareekh Pe Tareekh'

Dated : June, 14, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star


Films based on current topics or real life incidents have always looked appealing and eye catching. Film makers like Gulzar, Mahesh Bhatt, Madhur Bhandarkar, Ram Gopal Varma, Raj Kumar Gupta and many more kept exploring the different subjects inspired by the breaking news stories. But making films on such subjects is not an easy task, as it needs fantastic performances, crisp writing and soul touching theme. Many times the film makers manage to do justice to its subject, but then there are times where they focus only on the top headline story and fail over the detailed story part. Producer Vikram Bhatt, who is known for making horror thrillers ventures into a real life incident related to medical negligence with his latest film 'Ankur Arora Murder Case'. So let's find out whether this film may attract its audience over its unique and realistic theme or might end up joining the long list of weak films with one liner story line inspired from some real-life incidents.

Ankur Arora Murder Case Review


'Ankur Arora Murder Case' is story of supercilious Dr.Asthana {Kay Kay Menon} who is one of the chief surgeons of the Shekhawat General Hospital. He is assisted by two medical interns Dr.Ramesh {Arjun Mathur} & Dr.Riya {Vishakha Singh}. On an ill-fated day, occurs a death of an eight year old boy Ankur {Vishesh Tiwari},due to Dr.Asthana's negligence. Dr.Ramesh along with Ankur's mother {Tisca Chopra} files a case against Dr.Asthana. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Review

Screenplay & Technicalities:

Story is inspired by real life incident which had occurred in Delhi. It might also remind you of a small incident from Hrishikesh Mukherjee's film 'Bemisaal', where due to Vinod Mehra's negligence a mishap occurs. Such films need to be realistic and direct to the point. There is no need of side tracks or unnecessary drama. There are few good scenes in the initial part of the film, such as the whole incident at the operation table followed by the death of the child and few more. But after the initial buildup the film goes on total dramatic mode diluting the impact of the horrifying event. There are so many unwanted scenes such as the romantic track between Arjun Mathur and Vishakha Singh followed by the dramatic dialogbazi scene between them, Paoli Dam and Manish Chaudhari track and few more. These tracks should have been strictly omitted from the film. Second half of the film is dragging, predictable and has many loopholes in it. I do not know how correct the film makers were, with their medical terms but as for me, I did notice a scene where Arjun is asked to inject in patient's heart, but later Vishakha refer it, as lungs. Hope the script's negligence over the medical terms was restricted till this scene only. Camera work is strictly average and gives a film better feel than a T.V Serial. Editing was weak, especially in the second half of the film.

Ankur Arora Murder Case Wallpaper

Music & Direction:

Music by various music directors is unwanted and does not go with the feel of the film.

Director Sohal Tatari could have done wonders with this subject. He did hit the right chord in the scene where the operation takes place followed by the incident. One could feel the pain and sorrow for the kid and his family. But after that, the movie goes on the dramatic part with lots of unwanted tracks and over the top dialogs ruining the whole impact of the film. There was no soul attached to the premise of the film. Such films should be realistic and hard hitting, but here it was converted into a cheap masala film.


Kay Kay Menon is a fine actor and does his part with grace. But the problem is that we have seen him many times in such roles. You might even remember his recent film ABCD, where his character was total clone of his character from this film. Also in the final scene he is loud and over the top. I did not like the character of Arjun Mathur and failed to connect over his concern about the whole matter. Vishakha Singh, Paoli Dam and Manish Chaudhari were horrible. Tisca Chopra expresses her pain through her performance. Vishesh Tiwari in his small role is impressive. Harsh Chayya was wasted.

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? The film starts with little bit dum and curiosity in the whole incident. But as it progresses it keeps losing its charm, due to wrong treatment of the film, predictable storyline and lack of hard-hitting screenplay. This film is ideal for a T.V Serial where it could have been shown in double episodes. But as far as a film is concern it's super stretched just like a court case where even for a small matter all you get is 'Tareekh Pe Tareekh, Tareekh Pe Tareekh...'

  • Ratings: 2/5

Ankur Arora Murder Case Movie Review | Kay Kay... by moviezadda

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