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Chittagong Review: A Captivating Tale From The Pages Of History!

Dated : October, 12, 2012 BY Deepti Assnani

Ratings : star

  • Director: Bedabrata Pain

  • Producer: Sunil Bohra, Anurag Kashyap

  • Star Cast: Manoj Bajpai, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajumar Yadav, Jaideep Ahlawat and Delzad Hiwale

  • Genre: Historic Factual, Social, patriotic

  • Ratings: Three and half stars

Quick Preview:

The movie is based on a true story and has historic facts to back it. It reveals the struggle for freedom from the recesses of the Indian history.


Chittagong is the real story of a small fourteen year old boy Jhunku Roy. Jhunku embarks on a quest to know where he belongs to and this quest will take us on a journey to the years around 1930 when India was under the British Raj. In a quest to know his true identity and to find his roots, Jhunku joins a group of freedom fighters who comprise of young school boys who are led by their teacher whom they address as Masterda. Once he realizes this, he chooses the path less trodden and gives up his luxurious life. After joining the new self proclaimed army Jhunku witnesses the defeat of the British for the first time. He is motivated to be a part of the movement and in the process faces betrayal and self doubts which leave him with deep internal conflicts. How Jhunku tackles each thought and incident bravely makes our heart melt. The ultimate victory of Jhunku is celebrated by not only the people on screen but also by the people watching him.

Chittagong Poster

Screenplay and Direction:

It is not an easy task to create the days gone by with authentication. But the director has left no stone unturned in recreating the magic of the long forgotten British Era of the 1930s. The story has strong historic facts to back it and the effort is very much evident with the precise narration and flow. The director has borne in mind the fact that a movie needs to entertain and still he has managed to retain the essence of the facts which he has dug out from the forgotten recesses of history. Chittagong emerges victorious in this front and recreates the revolution and the emotions of that era.

The plot and the flow was synergized perfectly and allowed the viewers with sufficient time to dwell on the facts but not too long enough to let their concentration wander.

Unique Aspect:

The one thing which will strike you is that unlike other films based on the struggle for freedom which highlights the role of a single individual or at times the efforts of a couple of prominent freedom fighters. Chittagong takes on the film with a different approach. We can safely say that this is the struggle and the fight of the common people and therefore the victory of the revolution too is the victory of the common man. Here credit is given to those unspoken heros of the struggle for freedom.

Chittagong wallpaper

Music Review:

The songs of Chittagong are sung by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and they are soothing and liltating. The lyrics too are very appropriate and stick to the overall theme. They add value to the underlying emotion and pace of the film.

Acting Review:

Delzad Hiwale seems to fit his role of a confused teenager Jhulku perfectly. Manoj Bajpai who plays the role of Masterda is a true master in the making and he has an aura of being in control. The other cast and ensemble too were at their acting best. Vijay Varma who plays the older Jhumku too stands out for his performance.

Final Verdict:

If you are a lover of history then you will surely reveal in this film which highlights the struggle of the commoner for freedom. Chittagong will surely rekindle the spirit of patriotism in you.

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