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Dabangg 2 Review: 200 crore Blockbuster film!

Dated : December, 21, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Ratings : star

Quick Review

Now one cannot just 'guess' what to expect from the much-awaited movie of the year 2012, Dabangg 2. Pointing down a few points - such as without any doubt the none other than superstar Salman Khan, the brand Dabangg who had won many awards including National Award, debut direction by Arbaaz Khan, and much more had raised the expectations to a greater level. The makers had not only managed to deliver that kind of super satisfying experience among mango people, but had also managed to maintain the big brand.


It's a story about the famous Robinhood Pandey aka Inspector Chulbul Pandey, who gets transferred himself to a bigger city, Kanpur. He shifts his base with beloved wife Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha), dotting father Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna) and brother Makhanchan Pandey aka Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan). As usual, he fights with goons, helps citizens, collects the riches from corrupt people, does charities with it and also distributes among his fellow people. However now he encounters with the well-known cruel and most-powerful criminal in the city, Bachcha Bhaiyya (Prakash Raj), who is now soon to become a corrupt and unkind politician. Now because of Chulbul's fearless attitude and Robinhood activities, Bachcha Bhaiyya gets irritated, and soon this irritation turns into anger when one fine day Inspector Pandeyji kills his small brother Gainda (Deepak Dobriyal). What follows next is the war and hi-octane fights between Chulbul Pandey and Thakur Bachchanlal.

Dabangg 2 Movie Review

Screenplay & Direction

Though the storyline of the movie is not something extraordinary here, but also there is no point in expecting something different here. Dabangg's plot would be altogether same, like a fearless Robinhood Pandey saves the city with most-wanted criminal, along with some drama and humour involved in it. Similarly the exact case is with the second instalment of the successful franchise, where the movie is filled with only one thing - Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

Dabangg 2 is a typical mass entertainer and Bollywood masala film, where the main intention is to just 'Enjoy' the 2+ hours. In fact Salman Khan and team make sure to enjoy thoroughly each and every frame of the film, till the end credits. One would not believe but the people in theatres were not leaving their seats even the film ended, which eventually shows that Salmanism and storyline and glued the audience throughout.

The screenplay of Dabangg 2 will entertain the masses with its interesting and gripping drama, wicked sense of humour, wacky sequences, mindboggling stunts, innovative add-ons, desi and sizzling songs, and lastly the charm of Salman Khan, Salman Khan and only Salman Khan. The first half is blend with mixed drama which includes Salman's family life and also conflict with Prakash Raj. However the second half mainly focuses on the battle between good and evil.

Dabangg 2 Review

The biggest positive point about the script is that it doesn't take you to over-dramatic level, also to boring and tedious stage even for a single second. It holds the audience throughout and as said before, the movie applies only one formula to hit the bulls-eye, which is nothing but sheer 'Bollywood Masala Entertainment'.

Direction by debutant Arbaaz Khan was outstanding and simply breathtaking. One would not even think for a moment also that the man is directing a feature film for the first time. More to that, he had effectively managed to maintain the brand in a superb manner, where in fact I would say that he had taken the level of Dabanng brand to a much higher position. Arbaaz knew the tricks to make a typical Bollywood masala film, he knew how to merge the 80's drama to the present-day scenario, and he knows how to strike the chord on a very perfect note.

Sequences such as the ever-amazing smashing entry of Salman Khan, the action sequence with Salman and Bachcha Bhaiyya's associates in some dhaba, Salman's fake call as Azma to his father Vinod Khanna, Gainda and Salman's sequence in marriage hall, the super impressive killing scene of Gainda, Makkhi's confusion in finding out the answer of a riddle asked by Salman, the last mindboggling climax fight between Salman and Bachcha Bhaiyya, and many more were fascinating, dramatic, wacky, humorous and very-impressive.

Although there were some minor imperfections, such as the terror of the highly-powerful and deadly criminal in Kanpur as Bachcha Bhaiyya was missing; unnecessary sequence of Makkhi and Nirmala (Mahie Gill), and even if it was necessary then sadly it was half-baked; the hi-octane drama was missing when the protagonist Chulbul Pandey meets antagonist Bachcha Bhaiyya, considering the huge-expectations from the movie; the fight sequence between Chulbul and Bachcha's brother during climax was a bit low; and likewise others. However these things can certainly be ignore for two reasons - one that it's very small and negligible, and second one that unless and until it provides entertainment along with the charm of Salmanism, then it is bound to overlook such silly imperfections.

Music & Other Technicalities

Music composed by Sajid-Wajid gives you the same feel which one would have experience it in the first part. All the songs are enjoyable where some are even chartbuster, and it's also an apt according to the desi-genre. Visually, songs such as Pandeyji Seeti Maare and Fevicol Se are very much foot-tapping. Background score is very well carried out to match up the situations and action sequences.

Dabangg 2 wallpaper

Cinematography was beautifully carried out. Editing was superbly done. Choreography was admirable. Action stunts are hi-octane and hugely impressive, where it not only plays a major role to raise the graph of the movie, but more importantly it also matches the persona of Salman Khan. Furthermore, the action sequences played by Salman Khan also challenges the so-called logic, and thus one can imagine from this that what kind of impression the film would have left among everybody. Dialogues were witty, attention-grabbing and innovative too. Rest of the technicalities supports equally well to make the film 'huge'!


Telling something about the performance of superstar Salman Khan is like a Sin. He once again charms his fan with his hypnotizing charisma in this film. Talking about his character, he does everything what one expects from the famous Chulbul Pandey. He simply mesmerizes his fans with wicked sense, witty humour, action-stunts, super performance, and yes also with bare muscle-packed body by taking off his shirt. It's guaranteed, that in single screens you won't be able to hear any dialogues and all you would hear is whistles and screams. Salman is the man of masses, he is the man of box-office, and he is the man to give a sure-shot Bollywood entertaining film.

Sonakshi is the beauty of the film, and supports well to be the leading lady of the superstar. Arbaaz Khan was good, Vinod Khanna is satisfactory, and Mahie Gill has just a few shots. Prakash Raj was excellent, but yes the charm of Singham was missing here. If not compared with it, then he was fabulous and gives top-notch performance. Nikitin Dheer and Deepak Dobriyal as Bhachcha Bhaiyya's brothers Chunni and Gainda were first-rate. Sandeepa Dhar as Anjali was fine. Malaika Arora Khan sizzles in the song 'Pandeyji Seeti Maare'. Kareena Kapoor looks super hot, drop-dead gorgeous, and attracts the viewers in each and every frame of her in the chartbuster song 'Fevicol Se'. Rest of the actors, especially associates of Inspector Chulbul Pandey, have supported well.

Final Verdict

Dabangg is Salman, and Salman is Dabangg, where without Salman, there is no Dabangg. The superstar has redefined the stardom in Bollywood among the mango people. Words are few but there is lot more to say but Salman. However lastly just one word would like add here - Salman rules the heart!

Dabangg 2

The film gives a huge dosage of an intact entertainment, with a complete paisa-vasool kind of feeling. A must-watch film for everybody, and number of times for diehard fans of Salman Khan! Well Dabangg indeed crossed the mark of 100 crore, but now the second instalment could become a double bonanza and has the potential to cross the coveted 200 cr mark. Dabangg 2 is an absolute 200 crore blockbuster film!

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