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Delhi Safari: Memorable and Cute Safari!

Dated : October, 19, 2012 BY Deepti Assnani

Ratings : star

  • Director: Nikhil Advani

  • Music Directors: Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonca

  • Star Cast (voiceover): Govinda, Suniel Shetty, Urmila Matondkar, Ayesha Takia Azmi and Boman Irani

  • Genre: Social, Animated

  • Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes

Quick Preview:

Delhi Safari is a movie with a message. But the tone of the movie is in no way preachy. Rather it is indeed innovative where the animals are seen expressing their perils and the world is seen by their perspective. Strong message against Animal poaching, deforestation and urbanization which will make us sit back and think.


The movie begins with leopard couple Sultan, begum and their cub Yuvi who are enjoying themselves. They are enjoying their comrade and living in harmony with the other creatures of the jungle. The bonhomie is very much apparent. The creatures of the jungle are busy enjoying themselves blissfully unaware that within a short while their lives would change forever.

A sudden loud clap much akin to a strong storm is heard and a sinister looking machine which is known as the bulldozer is seen creating tandem and destroying everything in its reach.

The creatures flee to safety even as their haven is being destroyed in front of their eyes. Sultan tries his level best to get even with the men who had invaded the peace and their pristine homes. But it was a losing battle and the men ruthlessly shot down Sultan in full view of his cub Yuvi.

Without their leader the animals are totally demoralized and are mourning the loss of their buddy Sultan as well as becoming homeless. Fear for their lives makes them forget their grief and plan to move out to safer habitats. The elders in the animal troop opine that they need to move out soon but Yuvi the spunky cub does not agree. He is unwilling to give up on his home.

Delhi Safari Poster

Yuvi wishes to fight against the culprits- namely human beings, but is not sure how to overcome the language barrier. Arguments ensure but finally Yuvi gets his way. The solution is found when a pigeon informs the group of animals about a parrot named Alex. Alex is a parrot who has been captured by a film producer and is indeed able to communicate with humans in their language.

Yuvi's mother Begum is not convinced, but Yuvi takes the help of the money Bajrangi and the bear Bagga who plot and successfully kidnap Alex and get him back.

Although Alex is a parrot, but he has been captive since such a long time that he now has no emotional ties with the animals and instead he has adopted the ways of the humans. Alex is initially very annoyed and wishes to return to his urban life in the cage, but the animals convince him to help them to save their homes. Alex reluctantly agrees to help them and thus begins their safari to Delhi where they wish to meet the Ministers in the Parliament. They begin their travel where they meet others with similar fate as theirs. Their journey is also filled with numerous perils which they face bravely. This experience brings them closer to each other as their bonds become stronger as well as new bonds are formed. Staunch enemies Bajrangi and Alex become the best of buddies and there is a lot of affection.

How they finally reach their destination Delhi and manage to convince the humans makes an interesting watch.

Screenplay and Direction:

The animation of Delhi Safari will hold you enthralled. The movie is made relating to current times and the dialogs and songs have been inspired by the world of Bollywood.

The animals come across in a manner which is typical Bollywood. Dialogs too are catchy and have the mark of Bollywood all over.

Voiceover Review:

The voiceover of Boman Irani as Bagga the bear will leave you in splits. The dialogs rendered are indeed out of the world. Bajrangi's character came to life thanks to the voice of Govinda whose Bhojpuri accent created magic the way no one else could.

Akshaye Khanna as Alex the parrot was amazing and out of the world.

Delhi Safari Wallpaper

Music Review:

The songs were catchy and foot tapping. All the numbers fit in the plot perfectly. The song Aayo Re lent a touch of traditional or rather contemporary music. This number is apt with the ongoing Garba and Dandiya season. Another number Jungle Mein Mangal too is one which will be liked by one and all.

Final Verdict:

Delhi Safari is a film which is made in a simple manner and the makers have made sure that people can relate to it easily. Although it carries a social message yet it is a film and it absolutely maintains its entertainment value. A must watch fun filled entertainer.

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