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Dhoom 3 Movie Review: Triple 'X' Factor!!!

Dated : December, 20, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star

  • Sp Note: (There is something associated with the film which we would not reveal, so that the ones who have not watched this movie can enjoy its viewing experience - Thus no spoilers attached in the review)


In Initial times, success of a movie was decided on the number of weeks it used to run in the cinema hall. The benchmarks were decided on the base of 50 Days, 100 Days, Silver Jubilee (25 Weeks), Golden Jubilee (50 Weeks) and so on. But in 2005 with the release of 'The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey' the whole concept changed. This movie barely ran for few weeks but made huge money for the makers associated with it due to its high publicity and maximum release. But the movie which took the best advantage of this newly found success mantra was, 'Dhoom 2'. 'Doom 2' just cashed in over its huge star cast, wide release all over the globe along with the past glory of its predecessor 'Dhoom'. But with this the quality of big entertaining cinema started deteriorating as the focus shifted from content to style quotient. Recent entertainers came out only over its star power along with remake of some super hit south Indian flick with peppy songs and over the top action. Giving the audience no option but to watch these so called big films on the festival day, this lacked highly over the content factor and makers happily made huge bucks. 2013 too, witnessed many such films like 'Chennai Express', 'Krrish 3' and many more where the makers could have focused on its content but stuck to the star power and marketing gimmicks only. The last big release of this year is 'Dhoom 3' starring the ace khan Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif and the original stars of 'Dhoom', Abhishek Bachchan along with Uday Chopra. But looking at the current scenario of entertaining cinema and the last franchise of 'Dhoom', it appears as if this film too, might focus only over its style quotient and marketing tricks. So let's find out whether 'Dhoom 3' may just be like any other big festive release trying to cash in over its festive season and past glory or might restore our faith in entertaining cinema due to the presence of the ace khan - Aamir Khan.

Dhoom 3 Review


'Dhoom 3' is story of Sahir (Aamir Khan) who decides to avenge his father's (Jackie Shroff) death by robbing the bank which destroyed him. He highly succeeds in his robbery plans and starts the circus which was at one time owned by his father. He is joined by Aaliya (Katrina Kaif) in his circus acts, but to stop his loot, the government decides to call in the ace cop ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and his colleague Ali Akbar (Uday Chopra). What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The initial part of the film might remind you of lots of Hollywood flicks like 'Now You See Me', 'Prestige' and even our own Amitabh Bachchan starrer 'Akayla' also Govinda starrer 'Muqabla'. But besides these minor references the story has a soul attached to it which is fantastic. The first half has some glitches but second half is flawless and total engaging. You would not even like to blink in a single scene featuring Aamir Khan. The movie has good blending of action, drama and emotions with some great scenes like the whole Jackie Shroff part in the initial phase of the film followed by some breath taking action scenes like Aamir Khan robbing the bank, Abhishek chasing Aamir Khan and few more. Also scenes like Aamir's first meet with Abhishek followed by Abhishek interrogating Aamir Khan, the interval twist followed by the childhood scenes, Aamir's outing on Sunday, Abhishek-Aamir's chat over Katrina followed by Aamir's argument, Aamir fooling Abhishek and the finale portions will keep you glued to the silver screen. On the flip side Uday Chopra keeps doing the repetitive acts which are unintentionally funny but filled with over acting. Abhishek and Uday have some similar dialogs which they had used in the earlier parts of 'Dhoom' series, the makers should have added some more detailing out here. Besides these minor negative points the movie is out and out fun filled ride with total paisa vasool type of feeling. Though the movie is almost three hour long but with Aamir in it you want to see more of him, thus do not miss the end credit song. A special mention for the special effects attached to it, which are fantaboulus and never seen before on Indian silver screen.

Dhoom 3 Movie Review

Music & Direction:

Music by Pritam is good and the movie has some good songs like 'Kamli' and the title track. But 'Malang' is a visual treat due to superb performance by Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif in it. 'Tu Hi Junoon' is total Karan Johar style of song featuring Aamir Khan thus making it different and enchanting. The 'Dhoom Tap' dance by Aamir Khan is outstanding. The theme music goes perfect with the feel of the film.

Director Vijay Krishna Acharya's first directorial venture 'Tashan' was a disaster, but slowly it found its audience over the home video and have a niche fan following. Thus, was the big question mark attached to 'Dhoom 3' but his way of presenting an entertaining cinema with a soul attached to it along with one of India's finest special effect scenes is remarkable. Big thanks to Aaditya Chopra for trusting his vision and giving him another opportunity which turns out to be his arrival vehicle.


Speaking about the performance Aamir Khan does something which he has never done before and is just magnificent. His expressions especially the emotional and the cute ones are mind blowing. In the second half it's impossible for anyone to take off their eyes from this legendary actor. He takes the whole film to a superior level. With every release of his he teaches his so called competitors a big lesson. As the movie ends you will desperately want to see more of him,. Abhishek Bachchan looks great and does his part with total grace, whished there was more meat attached to his role. Uday Chopra is repetitive and at times funny. Katrina Kaif looked good but does not have much to do in this film. Jackie Shroff is superb in his part. Siddharth Nigham is brilliant.

Dhoom 3 Wallpaper

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well this movie has all the dum which was highly missing in so called entertaining masala films of the year 2013. This is the Masala Entertainer I crave for and finally got it over the years end. You don't need any south Indian remakes or just star power or unwanted marketing gimmicks to make an entertaining film. All you need is a proper soul attached to the film with total conviction and fantastic performance attached to it. As for the 'Dhoom' fans, if 'Dhoom' had the X-Factor then 'Dhoom 3' has triple X-factor. A special thanks to Aamir Khan for restoring our faith in entertaining cinema and giving us a great Xmas gift again.

  • Rating : 4.5/5 (Based on the entertainment factor)

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