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Future Toh Bright Hai Ji Review: Not-so Bright!

Dated : November, 3, 2012 BY Deepti Assnani

Ratings : star

Quick Take:

Future Toh Bright Hai Ji is a film which reflects on the hidden desire within everyone to succeed and how they rely on external factors to reinforce the fact in them. The movie is based on the lives of a simple couple who has come to the city of dreams- Mumbai in order to fulfill their dreams. Here they encounter an astrologer who predicts that their future is bright and will change within the next seven days. The events which unfold post this prediction make an interesting film.


Sonia and Ajay are a typical couple who wish to make it big in Bollywood. Ajay is a script writer who is hunting for a producer who will understand the type of writing he indulges in while Sonia is a small time television actress who harbors the aspiration of becoming a film star one day. Reality is in stark contrast to their dreams and they are compelled to do odd jobs to make both ends meet. Still their struggle does not deter them from their dreams and goals.

Fed up of living in a matchbox house, Sonia aspires to own a pent house. In a hurry to fulfill her dreams she visits an astrologer with Ajay in tow. This astrologer assures her by saying, "Future toh bright hai ji" and what more was that he assured her that things would change for the better within seven days.

What unfolds next is a high powered drama where Sonia picks up a fight with her co star, who is incidentally more famous than her. A series of other events unfold which lands Sonia into trouble for purchasing a flat which she can hardly afford. What follows next forms the crux of the story and the drama unfolds in the end where it is for the viewers to decide whether the future is indeed bright for the couple or not.

Future To Bright Hai Ji Review

Direction and Screenplay:

The plot of the story was indeed very good but yet the film missed its mark in more than one place.

The movie would have been better off if the emotional quotient would have been maintained. The challenges of living in Mumbai have been portrayed in an excellent manner. And each and every person who lives in a metro will be able to relate to the protagonists of the film.

But somewhere down the line the viewers feel that this aspect of the film could have been exploited in a much better manner. Rather the director shifted focus on some frivolous issues which were of no substantial use to the main plot.

The true essence of leading the life in a city like Mumbai did not get the place it deserved.

All said and done, the movie does have its moments of triumph with some scenes which will touch your heart.

Future To Bright Hai Ji Movie Review

Final Verdict:

A predictable storyline along with a theme which has not been exploited to its full potential it is recommended that you give this film a miss as there are very less bright moments in the film and whatever are there are limited to just the title "Future Toh Bright Hai Ji'.

Future To Bright Hai Ji Review

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