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Gang of Ghosts Movie Review: 'Ends Up Booing You...'

Dated : March, 20, 2014 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star


Two years back on my trip to Kolkata, a close friend of mine recommended a Bengali film 'Bhooter Bhabishyat' to me by saying that this movie is a social satire which speaks about the recent changes happening in Kolkata, where the original charm of the city is getting lost. I was super fascinated by the theme of the film that I decided to watch it as soon as its DVD was out in the market. While watching the film at every given point I felt that what if this movie is remade in Hindi with Mumbai city as its backdrop. Well, looks like the gods were in my favor that day and after some time I came to know that Satish Kaushik is remaking this movie in the form of 'Gang Of Ghosts'. The wait finally got over when the first promo came; it turned out to be a bit disappointing for me as the simplicity of 'Bhooter Bhabishyat' was nowhere to be found in it. I still had my hopes, as 'GangsOf Ghosts' had an interesting ensemble cast attached to it. So let's find out whether Satish Kaushik will do justice to the original film or might end up churning out another dud as the promos seems to be.

Gang of Ghosts Review


'Gang Of Ghosts' is the story of a director Aaditya (Parambrata Chatterjee) who plans to shoot his film in an old haunted house. Out there, he meets Raju (Sharman Joshi) a struggling writer who narrates him an unusual tale associated with this house, where the spirit of the original owner of that house Rai Bahadur Gendamal (Anupam Kher) resides. In order to make high-rise buildings in Mumbai city the old buildings gets destroyed due to which the ghost who resides there become homeless. Thus, Gendamal gives shelter to different types of ghost in his big mansion. These friendly ghosts live in peace and harmony until a builder decides to make a mall over this old haunted house. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

The Story is almost similar to the original film, but lacks highly over the connect with the Mumbai city. Few tracks as of Sharman Joshi's character and others have been modernized and are different from the original ones. In addition, the whole set up is loud and over dramatic. The whole humor and curiosity is nowhere to be seen in the film that just keeps going on like a stale TV serial. Still, there are few comical moments like Chunky Pandey - Mahie Gill chat style, interviews of ghost's by Anupam Kher, Mahi Gill - Saurabh Shukla - Mahi Gill chats followed by argument between Saurabh Shukla and Anupam Kher and few more, where you might get amused or end up laughing too. Besides these minor moments, the whole movie goes dry and dragging. The spirit of Mumbai is nowhere to be found in this movie and thus there is no connect with the film.

Music & Direction:

Music is not up to the mark and the movie has loads of unwanted songs, which hampers the flow of the film. 'Nahin Dungi', 'Seeshe Ka Dil' are funny and works in favor of the film. 'Dasni Sharab Di' is good and has a cameo by Paoli Dam.

Gang of Ghosts Movie Review

When it comes to remaking any film Satish Kaushik emerges as the winner based on the numbers of films he has remade. Few films like 'Tera Naam', 'Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain' and 'Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai' were huge hits but other films ended up being bad to worst films. In 'Gang Of Ghosts' too we witness his bad side of the direction as this movie turns out to be a loud, senseless and over dramatic. Wish Satish had kept the basic soul of the film intact and then should have shaped up the film as per his style. Failing to do that he ends up ruining a beautiful film, which maybe would have done wonders if someone else would have directed it.


Mahi Gill and Parambrata Chatterjee stick to their character and give a decent performance. Sharman Joshi was fine, but not up to his potential. Anupam Kher is loud. Saurabh Shukla, Chunky Pandey, Asrani and Jackie Shroff are fine in their parts. Yashpal Sharma and Rajpal Yadav hardly had anything to offer. Vijay Verma and Meera Chopra in their small parts were fine. Rajesh Khakkar was terrible.

Gang of Ghosts Wallpaper

So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well, except for few comical moments and the plot line there is not dum in this bad remake of a good film. It's a huge opportunity lost for all the Hindi film viewers and thus would recommend good cinema lovers to watch the original 'Bhooter Bhabishyat' instead of wasting their valuable time and money over this bland film known as 'Gang Of Ghosts'. The movie, which should have wooed you, ends up booing you.

  • Ratings: 1.5/5

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