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Gippi Movie Review - Overdose of sweetness...

Dated : May, 8, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star


In 1977 Gulzar made a small film 'Kitaab' featuring a life of a teenager school boy. Similarly in the year 1999 Nagesh Kukunoor made a film 'Rockford', based on a teenager boy's life in a hostel. Both these films broke the barrier between children and teenager school kids' films. These movies also featured the growing up of the adolescence age along with some adult humor attached to it. Now after a long gap we have another such film - 'Gippi', but this time it features a story of a teenage school girl and her adolescence days. A total new subject for our Indian cinema and that too from a big production house makes 'Gippi' special. But, will this film be such special and unique as it looks like or just be another Hollywood clone type film in disguise of our Hindi film. Well, let's find out?

Gippi Movie Review


'Gippi' is story of a teenage girl Gurmeent / Gippi {Riya Vij}, who is going through her worst phase of school life. She is fat and non performer kid and thus always feels like a looser. She lives with her mother {Divya Dutta} & a younger brother Booboo {Arbaz Kadwani}. One fine day she meets Arjun {Taaha Shah}, and feels like her life will change for good. But things do not work the way she thought it would. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

Story is simple and sweet. It showcases the life of a fat and unpopular girl in her school overcoming her humiliations. But there are no such interesting moments in the screenplay which makes this movie special. The scenes and situations are predictable and has overdose of sweetness in all of them. Still some scenes like Gippi & her brother fight over the smell, Gippi understanding her mother's sadness, Gippi meeting Arjun, Gippy and Aanchal's patch up, Gippi's mother sharing her sadness with Gippi, etc are good. But the film lacks badly on the screenplay level and thus fails to connect. The flow of the film is weak and slow due to which a less than two hour film seemed lengthier than the movie 'LOC-Kargil' {4.25hrs}. Also the whole Shammi Kapoor songs connect with today's teenager looked forceful and artificial. The makers might have been inspired by some foreign flick having a rock star or Elvis Presley fan following which out here has been changed to Shammi Kapoor. The climax part which was supposed to be a tear jerker ends up without a soul and a weak replica of the film 'Student Of The Year'. Camera work is good and gives the film its wanted looks.

Gippi Wallpaper

Music & Direction:

Music by Vishal Shekhar is sweet as the film wanted, but nothing remarkable. 'Mann Baavra' is the best track followed by the popular song 'Babby Doll'. 'Dil Kaagzi' is good, but 'Pehn Di Takki' & 'We Are Like This Only' are not great.

Director Sonam Nair was associated with films like 'Wake Up Sid' & '7 Khoon Maaf'. Thus the expectations were bit high from her. She tried hard to make this film sweet and total chick flick. She overdoes it and thus every scene looked like an attempt to give a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. This starts to irritate after a point as the film lacks a strong screenplay and has very slow narration style. Such movies have to be peppy and funny with some sweet and touching moments in it. Also, the film has some repetitive and unwanted tracks which dilute the flow of the film. The whole conviction level was missing. The director should understand that you cannot make a film with one liner script.


Riya Vij is cute and does her part with full confidence. Divya Dutta was superb in her small supporting role. Taaha Shah looked dashing. Arbas Kadwani was cute along with Aditya Deshpande and Doorva Tripathi. Jayati Modi shines in her negative role. Mrinal Chawla lends good support. Pankaj Dheer and Rakesh Bapat do not have much to do in their small roles.

Gippi Movie Ratings

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum hain in some scenes and on overall basis a sweet film. But due to slow narrative style, predictable screenplay and dull direction fails to create its mark. It'sad that such small film from a big production house turns out to be a half baked product with forced overdose of sweetness, which leads to bitter caramelisation.

  • Ratings: 2.25/5

(P.S - This is not a children's film as it deals with the life of a teenager)

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