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I Me Aur Main Review: It needs much more than 'I, Me aur Main'

Dated : March, 1, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star

Quick Review

Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, Kunal Kapoor and many more such film makers started making candy floss type rom-coms under their banner. Most of them were direct rip off from Hollywood rom-coms or one can say Indian version of Hollywood style romantic comedies. Actors like Saif Ali Khan, Imraan Khan and few more were perfect choice for such types of films. Such films are made for its targeted audience and are simple and easy way to make quick moolahs. Every year we witness such types of films which might not be any path breaking cinema but gives you a good time pass kind of film which lasts till the time you finish your tub of popcorn. But then, there are some confused or miss matched type of films where they start of on a good note but ends up being a disappointment. All it has is style and no substance at all.

'Rose Movies' have been a great production house which gave some good Amitabh Bachchan hits, also made such fresh romantic films like 'Yeh Waada Raha', 'Jawani Diwani', 'Dil Diwana' and many more. The best thing about all these films from their banner was the outstanding music by R.D Burman. After the death of the founder Ramesh behl his son Goldie Behl tried to recreate the magic of his father with films like 'Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai', 'Lond Paris New York' and 'Drona' but failed miserably. He comes back again with his latest offering 'I, Me aur Main' with John Abraham as the lover boy. So let's find out whether this film will join the classics of 'Rose Movies' banner or might be another addition to failed attempts by Goldie Behl.

I, Me Aur Main Review


'I, Me Aur Main' is story of a self obsessed music producer Ishaan Sabharwal {John Abraham}. He feels he is the best thing to happen to the mankind. But his life changes when his living girlfriend Anushka {Chitrangada Singh} dumps him. His boss Beena {Raima Sen} seems to disagree with all his decisions and last but not the least his over loving mother {Zarina Wahab} comes and stay with him. But things start to change as Gauri {Prachi Desai} comes in his life. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.


Story has shades from lots of popcorn flicks including Salaam Namaste and few more. The first half starts properly with all the necessary ingredients required in such type of film. Some scenes like Raima auditioning the girl, Zarina's cribbing, John Prachi's bonding, John-Raima tiff etc are enjoyable and keeps you light hearted. But as the movie progresses the screenplay goes for total toss. Unwanted stuff keeps occurring and lots of hotchpotch happening around like Zarina's sudden outburst followed by Prachi's Paris plans, John's dilemma towards the concert and very abrupt climax. Such films need beautiful moments along with good chemistry and foot tapping numbers. The chemistry is not there at all, moments are minimal, and music is decent but wanted more of it.

Camera work is good and gives the wanted style and gloss required in such films. Editing is good in first half, but towards the end gets messy.

I, Me Aur Main Movie Review

Music by various music directors is decent. 'Cappuccino' is foot tapping number and might remind you of the dance music from 'Titanic', 'Saajna' & 'Meri Jaaniya' are typical run of the mill types of songs. 'Darbadar' is superb track. 'Naa Jaane' {The remix song of the movie - Chaalbaaz} is used in end credits. Background music is perfect.

Debutant director Kapil Sharma had an impressive lined up work as an assistant {Being Cyrus, The King of Bollywood, The Fall, Outsourced, The Darjeeling Limited, Ghajini, etc} thus raising the expectation bar bit high. He starts off with perfect note, but could not handle the half baked weak script and ruins the film. He succeeds in portraying the confused character of John Abraham on silver screen which the audience too could feel it. Even if he would have managed to deliver a decent climax, the movie would have survived.

I, Me Aur Main Wallpaper


John Abraham goes perfect with this self obsessed role. One might also remember his role from 'No Smoking'. His attitude, mannerisms, body language goes well with his character. Chitrangada Singh is good but does not have much to offer. Prachi Desai starts on over sweet note, but ends up giving a decent performance. Zarina Wahab was good along with Mini Mathur. Raima Sen does her part perfectly, wished there was more over her track with John. Errol Peter, Sameer Soni and Sheena Shahabadi were fine.

Final Verdict

  • So bol meri 'Filmi Khopdi' iss film mein kitna hain Dum ?

The film starts with decent dum, but as it moves forward fizzles out and does not have anything to offer. As for Goldie Behl, he will have to work harder to match the classics made by his father. John Abraham fans will have a decent treat as they get to see their hunk in rom-com. On the final note would like to say that it's not easy to make a rom-com as it needs much more than 'I, Me aur Main'.

  • Ratings : 2/5

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