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Janleva 555 Review

Dated : October, 19, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Ratings : star

Quick Review

The movie was more or less publicized enough through various medium, and thus the expectation were not although quite high, but were also not quite low. On the other hand, it was also touted that the film is actually meant to spread some awareness for a social cause. With a talented writer-director Sandeep Malani, and starring the versatile actor turned producer Kalpana Pandit, the film does give a bit of expectation to an ardent moviegoers who loves to do experiments in watching different kind of films.


A group of friends decides to make a documentary movie on the ill-effects of the snake bites to spread awareness among people. Well during the filming of their movie, a girl from the group realizes that she was actually a snake in her past life.

Janleva 555 Review

Neelam (Kalpana Pandit) and her group of budding filmmakers are intensely worried regarding the countless people in India that dies because of the snake bites. However now to carry out something seriously regarding this serious issue, she along with her boyfriend (Rajeev) and group of friends plans to shoot a movie on it in a village, which is quite recognized for its snake population. The moment all of them lands in this remote village, Neelam gets familiar with the fact that around 555 years ago, in one of her past life, she was actually a snake named as Rajini. However she dies after being separated from her snake lover, and thus had now is reborn as Neelam in the search of the revenge from the snake charmer who desires to have snake pearl (Naag Mani). What happens next forms the crux of the movie.

Screenplay & Direction

The screenplay of the film is although not that impressive, which can impress or entertain each and every viewer, but it is surely an attention grabbing one. Some sequences might find a bit of hackneyed or corny, not all but at least to someone, but if truth to be told then some sequences were also worth appreciating.

In the midst of the movie, one may find that the story is dragging somewhere, but some of the gripping sequence relatively manages to hold the viewers throughout their seat. The brilliant director Sandeep Malani had directed the movie in an impressive manner. Though one may find the story a bit cliched (which is as well written by Sandeep), but the writer-director had effectively managed to portray the movie in such a way that one can for sure overlook the said flaws. On the whole, despite the fact that the graph of the movie lowers down because of its abovementioned errors, it also balances somewhere because of its few interesting sequences and brilliant direction.

As the story is related to snakes and reincarnation, one cannot forget the super hit movie 'Nagina' starring the versatile actress Sridevi. Well thus a couple of scenes in this film are dedicated to Sridevi, as a mark of respect to the veteran and versatile actress.

Janleva 555 Review

Music & Other Technicalities

Music in the film is ok, but not like chartbuster songs. Background score apt according to the sequences. Cinematography was good, and Dialogues were clich├ęd. Editing could have been better, by trimming down a bit to the aforesaid sequences.


Lead actress Kalpana Pandit, who is also the producer of the film, manages to hold the movie on her shoulder throughout. It's great to see the veteran star Anant Nag in the film, where his presence had indeed added a charm in the movie. Rajeev was below than average, and rest others were all typecast.

Final Verdict

'Janleva 555' is a decent attempt, and commendable for certain interesting sequences, good direction, and impressive performance by Kalpana Pandit.

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