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John Day Movie Review - Ann-Day

Dated : September, 13, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star


Many times when we see the first promo of any film, we get a feeling that this particular movie will be a good movie or a sure shot box office hit. But then there are few such films which are known as sleeper hits, where no one has any expectations from them and the movie turns out to be good and at times great too. One such film came in 2008 which was a surprise hit "A Wednesday". This movie was appreciated by all the classes and masses and found its place in elite list of the finest films from our Hindi films. Film lovers were waiting for the next franchise from the team of 'A Wednesday'. But the producers and the director parted their ways along with the heroes of 'A Wednesday'. The director made 'Special 26' with Anupam Kher & the producers made 'John Day' with Naseeruddin Shah. Though 'Special 26' was not on the lines or even at par with 'A Wednesday', but still it had its own uniqueness and was a good film on its individual merits. Thus, the whole focus now shifts to 'John Day' which is being released on a low key note and is being promoted only on the name of 'A Wednesday'. So let's find out whether this latest thriller by the producers will be similar to or close to their last film or might be riding only on the past glory of the film makers.

John Day Movie Review


'John Day' is story of a bank manager John (Naseeruddin Shah) who loses his young daughter in an incident followed by an attack over his wife (Shernaz Patel) at the time of a bank robbery. At the time of the robbery John gets hold of a file which leads him to the people who were responsible for his daughter's death. On the other side, a police cop Gautam (Randeep Hooda) is also searching for that same file. What lies inside the file; well that's what the entire film is all about.

Screenplay & Technicalities:

Story has lot of similarities with Spanish film 'Box 507' and the director presents the film too in similar manner. The treatment of the film is slow and lethargic. There are couple of good scenes like Naseeruddin Shah convincing Shernaz for party, Naseeruddin Shah's chat with his daughter's friend followed by Naseeruddin Shah gathering courage to kill, etc. These scenes are appealing only due to expertise of Nasserudin Shah. Besides these few scenes there is nothing much in this over lengthy and confusing film. There are so many bad scenes like Randeep forcing Deepak Shirke to eat in the restaurant, Randeep Hooda cutting off the tongue of a criminal followed by Naseeruddin Shah biting a goon and few more. There were few abrupt scenes too, like Naseeruddin Shah suddenly trying to investigate rather than focusing on his wife's health followed by Randeep investigating the robbery and trying to save a kid along with few more towards the climax. Also this movie has many lengthy and lethargic scenes like Randeep making Elena understand their relationship followed by sharing his past to her, Randeep's chat with Sharat Saxena and few more. Not to forget the overdose of swear words which were forced and irritating after a time. The screenplay is weak, abrupt and non-engrossing. The whole point of watching a thriller is lost after a while due to the dilution in the film and thus you are left to boredom and are not interested to even know what's happening next. You just await the movie to end.

John Day Review

Music & Direction:

Thank god there are no songs in this film. Background music is loud and jarring at times.

Director Ahishor Solomon makes a mess of a good concept due to his super lengthy shots and abrupt screenplay. There is absolutely no thrill in this thriller. The director tries to test your patience level with unwanted scenes and overdose of swear words along with gore action which too looks like straight lift from some Korean films. At one point, it appeared whether actor Naseeruddin Shah was trying to take revenge of his daughter's death from the criminals or the film makers were trying to take revenge with its audience for watching this mindless, boring and lame film.

John Day Wallpaper


Naseeruddin Shah tries to add some sense in this non-sense film with his performance. Subtract him from this movie and there is nothing left for the viewers to watch. Randeep Hood is boring and irritating at times. He gives another weak and bad performance on the lines of his performance from 'Jism 2'. Also, he seems to be on men kissing spree as after 'Bombay Talkies' he gives a kiss to a man here too, but in very crass manner. The way he used to say the bad words were so flat and repetitive. Shernaz Patel and Vipin Sharma are good in their small parts. Elena Kazan is not at all impressive. Sharat Saxena, Makrand Deshpande and Deepak Shirke were fine on their parts. Bharat Dhabolkar and Anant Mahadevan were wasted.

John Day Ratings

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum? Well except for few scenes by Naseeruddin Shah there is absolutely no dum in this mindless and boring thriller. The makers should have made a fast pace thriller with good theme attached to it. Due to the weak direction, bad performance by Randeep Hooda, lethargic screenplay and loud background music I felt like giving a big 'Ann-Day' (Egg, That is a big zero) ratings to this film, but due to Naseeruddin Shah's presence end up missing out this wonderful opportunity.

  • Ratings: 1/5

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