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Jolly LLB Review: Jolly Good Performances..

Dated : March, 14, 2013 BY Divya Solgama

Ratings : star


Court room dramas always looked interesting in our Hindi films as it has good amount of dramatic scenes, thrilling moments, some twists and most important the debate between two lawyers. If placed well in the script, these scenes can never go wrong in a typical Hindi film. There have been several good examples of court room drama type films such as 'Kanoon', 'Aakrosh', 'Aitbaar', 'Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho', 'Meri Jung', 'Mera Saaya', 'Waqt', 'Damini', 'Shaurya', 'No One Killed Jessica' and many more. But when they are placed incorrectly all you get is an adverse effect with good amount of melodrama. There are endless names of such films where court room dramas are over the top without any conviction level. 'Jolly LLB' is the latest addition in this genre with promising promo's of it being a black comedy with some great actors. So let's find out whether we might get to witness another good court room drama or this too might be full of over the top dramatic moments.


'Jolly LLB' is story of a lawyer Jagdish Tyaagi / Jolly {Arshad Warsi} who is in search of good work and so moves to New Delhi. One fine day he witnesses Advocate Rajpal's {Boman Irani} arguments in a hit & run case hearing and is totally impressed by his style of work. But, at that point he finds some facts and decides to file a P.I.L in a session's court. The judge {Saurabh Shukla} accepts his PIL and reopens the case. With this Jolly is pitted against the mammoth Rajpal. What happens next is what the entire film is all about.

Jolly LLB Review

Screenplay & Technicalities:

Story of 'Jolly LLB' has been featured in many typical court room drama type films. One may find resemblance with Govinda's - 'Kyuki Main Jooth Nahin Bolta'. Overall the theme reminds you of the films from 80's and 90's era. The first half of this film starts well with establishment of the characters but drags in between with romantic part and nothing exciting happening around. But just before the interval the movie picks up and has some interesting moments in the second half, too. Scenes such as the whole music copy case, Arshad filing PIL, Saurabh conversation with Boman, mild twist at the interval point, Boman - Arshad's chat in his office, bidding for police post, Boman-Arshad's heated moments in the court, Saurabh firing Boman followed by his finale speech and few more makes the movie interesting.

Jolly LLB Movie Review

On the flip side, the whole sudden interest of Arshad in this case looked total unconvincing. Similarly, his change of heart lacked the conviction power, the romantic part could have been avoided along with Amrita preaching Arshad and few more. Almost everything is predictable in this script and things happen pretty easily in the film.

Camera work is perfect in this film. There should have been some strict editing in the first half of the film along with few moderate cuts in the second half to make the movie crispy and powerful.

Music & Direction:

Music by Krsna is average and forced. 'Daru Peeke', 'Jooth Boliya' are typical Punjabi party songs. 'Ajnabi' is sweet with decent picturization. 'Hans Ki Chaal' is hilarious. 'L Lag Gaya' goes wasted. Background music is fine.

Jolly LLB Wallpaper

Director Subhash Kapoor tries to make a satire on judicial system along with dramatic moments. He succeeds on the satire part, which is very minimal but fails a bit on the dramatic part. The whole conviction factor was highly missing. You can neither connect to the whole issue nor feel pain for the matter. There are some moments where the movie seems dragging and bit boring. But, as it moves ahead it keeps you indulged in it. Subhash also manages to extract some decent performances from his lead actors which works highly in the favor of the film. As for entertainment quotient, he satisfies you to the fullest.


Speaking about the performances Arshad Warsi does a decent job. He is enjoyable in the comical moments which have been his forte. Sadly, one tends to expect him doing that all the time. Boman Irani is superb and has a great screen presence. He does full justice to his role. It was great to see Saurabh Shukla in full form after a long long time. He was simply fantastic in his role. You will love him and wished that he had more to offer in this half baked scripted film. Amrita Rao is wasted. Harsh Chayya, Mohan Kapur, Manoj Pawa, Brijendra Kale, Mohan Agashe and others lend good support. It was great to see yesteryears character actor cum villain Ramesh Deo in a small cameo.

So bol meri "FILMI KHOPDI" iss film mein kitna hain Dum?

Dum hain in terms of decent performances and interesting second half. The movie lacks on the original script along with the hard hitting factor. Thanks to good screenplay and interesting moments the film ends up on a much better note. This movie is perfect for small screen and will do wonders out there. As of for the big screen, it works mostly on the jolly good performances of the lead trio along with good dose of entertainment.

  • Ratings: 3.25/5

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