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Khiladi 786 Review: Khiladi Bhaiya is Back!

Dated : December, 7, 2012 BY Aakash Barvalia

Ratings : star

Quick Review

Comeback of Akshay Kumar in Khiladi avatar after long gap of almost 12 years, comeback of Himesh and Akshay as a team, interesting and funny promos, and many more were enough to expect at least a good dosage entertainment from the movie Khiladi 786. Well to be precise and to be in short, the makers of the movie had indeed delivered what one would be expecting from it.


Champaklal (Manoj Joshi) is a renowned owner of marriage bureau and is known to 'make' marriages, whereas his beloved son Mansukh (Himesh Reshammiya) is unfortunately known to 'break' marriages. No matter how hard he tries to make at least one successful marriage, but sadly holds a record of failed marital relationships. With lots of insults, even from his father, Mansukh now finally decides to make at least one successful marriage. Somehow he encounters with one of the famous underworld gangster, Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar aka TTT (Mithun Chakraborty), and takes up the challenge to find a decent and honest guy for TT bhai's spoil-brat sister Indu Tendulkar (Asin). Mansukh thinks of a Dabangg Police Officer Bahattar Singh - 72 Singh (Akshay Kumar) and is better known as Khiladi 786 from Punjab. Bahattar Singh is a Punjabi Rajinikanth, where no one can beat him and no one can make even a scratch on his face. Mansukh also somehow convinces Tatya Tukaram to act as if like a cop, to balance the background of both the families.

Khiladi 786 Review

On the other side, Bahattar Singh and his family, father Sattar Singh - 70 Singh (Raj Babbar) and Uncle Unhattar Singh - 69 Singh (Mukesh Rishi) are trying hard to find a girl for Khiladi 786. Moreover they also want a complete Indian girl, as Sattar Singh and Unhattar Singh's wives are Britisher and Chinese respectively. When Mansukh informs them that he had find a girl for them, who is also a daughter of police officer, they happily agrees but with one fear in their heart. Nobody knows that Bahattar Singh and his family are fake cops and are conmen instead.

The movie takes an unusual form as both the two hardcore families of thug's from two different states (Punjab and Maharashtra), pretends to be as policemen in front of each other, where the secrets of any one of them can be revealed at any particular of time. Well this is a life threatening business deal for Mansukh, but how eventually everything balances, forms the crux of the movie.

Screenplay & Direction

Written by Hiimesh Reshammiya, the movie is filled with roller-coaster ride of music, romance, comedy, power-packed action and a complete dosage of an enjoyable outing throughout. It's been perfectly blend with comedy and drama, where right from the first frame to the last frame, the movie provides nothing but entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment. Although Khiladi 786 comes with a brand of 'Khiladi' series, but its more or less different from it. Where almost every other Khiladi movies were mainly focused on drama and less on comedy, here it is mainly focused on comedy and less on drama.

The film is packed with lots of humour, hi-octane action sequences, hilarious funny liners, interesting drama, a perfect start and perfect end with a perfect climax, shown in a different way. Furthermore, the storyline was less predictable and surprises you with new twist and turns each and every time, right till the very end. It engages and engross the viewers, in the company of its fun element, such that now what weird and strange situation is going to happen in the film. While we're on the subject, though one may find some illogical sequences, but in the end it succeeds to bring you smile and laugh on your face, and that's more important than anything.

Director Ashish Mohan, who assisted maestro Rohit Shetty in past, had aptly adopted the genre to deliver a perfect masala film. Well he is not only a brilliant director, but also a remarkable storyteller, who had successfully managed to connect the mango people with the film throughout. Ashish Mohan had strike a chord by making a perfect directorial debut, which is a sure-shot blockbuster movie.

Khiladi 786 Review

Sequences such as the first scene which starts with an unbelievable stunt of Akshay Kumar hitting a Jeep with one leg, the last scene where it opens with a wide angle and shows you the entire cast and crew, the intro scene of every character in the movie, raftaar sequences of Bahattar Singh, first meeting of Tatya Tukaram and Mansukh, Bahattar Singh's family narrates their history to Mansukh such that how they landed up in marrying with their respective foreigner wives, the entire concept of having an African, Britisher and Chinese in the Bahattar Singh's family, African mother goes wild when hears the name of Tihattar Singh – 73 Singh (Akshay Kumar), sequences of Rahul Singh as Azad getting again and again caught after releasing from Jail, Akshay and Asin long-drive scene, Akshay and Rahul first meet in Jail, hilarious scene of one scratch in Bahattar Singh's face, the entry of Tihattar Singh in climax, each and every action stunts and action sequences, and many more were very much impressive, very much funny, and very much entertaining.

Music & Other Technicalities

Composed by Himesh Reshammiya, songs here are already chartbusters, and in the movie it adds more charm. Almost all are just fillers; expect Balma, which is a bit situational track. 'Balma' and 'Hookah Bar' is a treat to watch on the screen, and rest are also an enjoyable tracks for the viewers and as well as to the listeners. Background Music is something like extraordinary and amazing, where it helps to add humour in almost each and every comical-based scene. Also it's an apt according to different moods and different sequences in the film. A bravo job done by background musicians!

Dialogues, One-liners and Punch-lines (by Bunty Rathore) in Khiladi 786, is another gem and a major plus point, where it raises the graph of the movie in an altogether much higher level. It's hilarious, indeed very much funny, interesting and catchy as well. Dialogues such as 'Punjabiyon na kabhi Chupchap aate hain aur na kabhi Chupchaap jaate hain', 'Duniya mein teen cheez hoti toh hain par kabhi dikhti nahin hain - Bhooton ka sansaar, Sachcha wala pyaar, aur Bahattar Singh ki Raftaar', and many more were hugely impressive and will stay in viewers mind for a longer time.

Action stunts are although illogical, but hi-octane, raw and very much entertaining. Some of the set-up and background image were openly looking like fake, but as soon as the storyline were gripping to the viewers, it became less important. Other technicalities are also quite creative, original and attention-grabbing, such as effects used while going into flashback, Akshay's initial action stunt during climax where he just moves his leg and the rest is been left to surprise you totally, background songs playing in some sequences, and many more.


Akshay made his comeback in Khiladi avatar after a gap of 12 years, and true to every word, he is back with a bang! He was perfect in his deadly punches, comic timing, and as a brand 'Khiladi'. Asin is a perfect match to Akshay, and a perfect supporter to portray as a female lead. She not only looks very gorgeous on the screen, but had also performed well as a spoilt-brat sister of a gangster.

Khiladi 786 Review

Himesh Reshammiya plays an important role in the film, and does quite well. Mithun Chakraborty had initially impressed with almost same character in Housefull 2, and thus this time as well he plays his role at its best. Raj Babbar and Mukesh Rishi supported well, whereas Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari and Johnny Lever manages to bring some laugh. Rahul Singh was good, and actor such as Manoj Joshi, Rajesh Khattar, Gurpreet Guggi, Mushtaq Khan, Bharti Singh, and other has supported well. Claudia Ciesla looked hot and danced well in her item number Balma.

Final Verdict

Khiladi 786 is a 100% entertaining movie, right from start to finish. Although there are some illogical sequences, but if one would apply logic every time, then they would spoil the fun to enjoy the movie. There is only one rule to enjoy this film, 'No Logic - No Dimag ki Much-Much'!

Khiladi 786 is a movie to watch with family, have popcorn, have fun, to whistle, to smile and laugh for couple of hours, and lastly to go home with a complete 'paisa-vasool' kind of feeling. It's a sure-shot blockbuster movie!

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